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Action 31: Analyse the usefulness of creating a European cybercrime centre

Examine the feasibility by 2011 to create a European cybercrime centre.

What is the problem? Cyber threats

As the ICTs become progressively the nervous system of our society, the potential impact of related threats increases exponentially in number, scope and sophistication. Given the interconnectedness of electronic networks and systems, any criminal activity could have relevance for more than one jurisdiction; this calls for an enhanced and close cooperation between relevant authorities (i.e. law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, police).

Why is EU action required? Fight cybercrime at European level

The Commission will launch a study to investigate the pros and cons of creating a pan-European cybercrime centre. The study should consider the aim, scope and possible financing of the centre. This initiative is strongly linked with action 30 and action 41.

What will the Commission do?

The European Commission will, in 2011:

  • in cooperation with Europol, conduct and present the results of the study.