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Action 25: Identify and assess means of requesting significant market players to licence information about their products or services

Examine the feasibility of measures that could lead significant market players to license interoperability information.

What is the problem?

Companies which dominate the ICT sector achieve wide market penetration of their products and services. If their products are incompatible with those of other brands, users feel locked into the dominant company's product range, for fear that any new devices they purchase will not be compatible with their existing equipment.

Why is EU action required?

Companies should provide interoperability information about their devices and applications. With this information available, smaller enterprises have the opportunity to develop applications and services compatible with those offered by dominant market players. The end result will be an extremely competitive market and a happy consumer.

What will the Commission do?

The Commission will analyse how the market situation could change if the significant market players were legally forced to disclose interoperability information and if necessary will draft Commission Communication or a Directive by 2012.

A Public Consultation on the Access to Interoperability Information of Digital Products and Services  (FR, DE) is open until 20 June 2012. It essentially addresses owners and potential users of interoperability information that is not covered by standards.