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Action 20: Investigate the cost of non-Europe in the telecoms market

Conduct an investigation into the cost of non-Europe in telecommunication markets to take further measures to reinforce the benefits of the Single Market by 2011.

Why is EU action required? Reinforce Telecoms Single Market

Tackling the market fragmentation at EU level and reinforcing the telecoms Single Market is one of the main goals of the Digital Agenda.

What will the Commission do?

The Commission will assess the socio-economic cost of non-Europe in the telecoms market. The assessment will outline the benefits of a better-integrated market and propose appropriate steps to reduce the costs.

Based on the final results of the study 'Steps towards a truly internal market for electronic communications networks and services in the run-up to 2020', a public debate/consultation will be organised in 2011, to get further input on the matter. The study and the results of the public debate will feed into a detailed Commission's assessment on the nature of the EU measures that may be required to reduce costs in the telecoms markets.

In mid-2012, the Commission will issue a Communication reporting on the results of the public consultation and on the nature of any EU measures that may be required in order to reduce costs in telecoms markets.