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Action 19: Spectrum Policy plan

Coordinate the technical and regulatory conditions applying to spectrum use and, where necessary, harmonise spectrum bands so that consumers would be able to use the same electronic devises across the EU.

What is the problem? Not all electronic devises work across the EU

The management of radio spectrum in the EU remains predominantly a national competence. That is why some electronic devises may not work everywhere in the EU.

Why is the EU action required? Common EU radio waves

In order to make sure that all EU citizens benefit from wireless innovations, the radio waves for the electronic devises must be common across the EU. Consumers and businesses already benefit from harmonised spectrum usage across the EU for many products and applications, such as Wi-Fi. By implementing the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme, the EU can further support businesses in developing cross-border services and encourage them to take advantage of the Single Market. Global competition is growing in terms of wireless equipment, which is why spectrum coordination at the EU level is increasingly urgent.

What will the Commission do?

The European Commission will work towards the harmonisation of the spectrum management rules (Radio Spectrum Policy Programme) once it is adopted by the European Parliament and the Council.

More information:

EU Radio Spectrum Policy