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Action 9: Updating the eCommerce Directive

Evaluate the impact of the eCommerce Directive on online markets and make concrete proposals.

What is the problem? EU online markets are deeply fragmented.

E-Commerce is still insufficiently developed in the EU. Consumers and businesses have difficulties accessing online shops and offering their services in other EU countries. Many websites do not deliver goods or services across the EU.

Why is EU action needed? To abolish regulatory barriers to pan-European e-commerce

Today in the EU, 60% of cross-border internet shopping attempts fail because of technical or legal reasons like refusal of non-domestic credit cards. A huge untapped potential is waiting to be unlocked. Remaining regulatory barriers should be abolished.

What will the Commission do?

In 2012:

Based on the results of a recent public consultation, the Commission adopted an e-Commerce Communication on 11 January 2012. The Communication contains 16 actions aimed at doubling of the volume of e-commerce in Europe by 2015.