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February 2013

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  • Fri 22
    • Press Release: February infringements package: main decisions
    • Brochure: Report on broadband lines in the EU as of 1st of July 2012
    • Speech: Thinking European, and winning the wireless race
  • Fri 15
    • Reports and studies: Critical Cloud Computing - A CIIP perspective on cloud computing services
    • Event Announcement: LINQ 2013
    • Press Release: Tour operators and travel agents join '112' emergency number campaign
  • Fri 8
    • Projects news and results: A hands-on approach to physics in the classroom
    • Audiovisual: An unobtrusive device to keep the elderly safe at home
    • Reports and studies: Building Competitiveness and Business Performance with ICT
    • Press Release: Commission calls on Polish telecom regulator to base deregulation proposal on an up-to-date market assessment
    • Speech: Digital technology and copyright can fit together
    • Press Release: EU Cybersecurity plan to protect open internet and online freedom and opportunity
    • Press Release: European Commission questions Italian telecoms proposal to regulate rates for fixed termination services
    • Press Release: OMEGA research project uses light to help achieve higher broadband speeds
    • Press Release: Safer Internet Day 2013: "Connect with Respect"
    • Speech: Using cybersecurity to promote European values
  • Fri 1
    • Projects news and results: A boost to your mobile signal
    • Speech: Building our Digital Single Market: 10 steps to deliver broadband
    • Press Release: Commission issues action call in Davos - with IT sector and telecoms companies - to close digital skills and jobs gap in Europe
    • Speech: Delivering 10 years of world-class science
    • Speech: EU Cybersecurity Strategy
    • Press Release: Graphene and Human Brain Project win largest research excellence award in history
    • Projects news and results: Make light work for medicine
    • Consultation: Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors in Europe
    • Speech: Towards a coherent international cyberspace policy for the EU

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