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European Commission FET through the keyhole
Future & Emerging Technologies
In this issue - February 2017

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Top News
The Quantum Technology Flagship takes shape in Malta
The Quantum Technology (QT) Flagship Intermediate Report, defining the research agenda of the initiative, has been published. Read the blogpost from Khalil Rouhana, deputy Director-General at the European Commission.
Intermediate Report from the Quantum Flagship High-Level expert group
The Quantum Flagship High-Level expert group provides its first recommendations for the Strategic Research Agenda of the Quantum Flagship, and some options for its implementation. The group will deliver its final report this summer, with consolidated implementation model and a governance model.
27 February - 2 March 2017 - Barcelona
The Graphene Experience Zone at the Mobile World Congress
Following the success of the Graphene Pavilion in 2016 the Graphene Flagship will showcase the latest achievements and innovations from the graphene community covering a worldwide perspective in a Graphene Experience Zone at the Mobile World Congress.
News video
Supercomputers: a key tool for understanding the human brain
The High Performance Analytics and Computing (HPAC) Platform within the Human Brain Project provides supercomputing, storage, and visualisation resources for the simulation of complex models and for analyzing huge neuroscientific datasets.
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From Thomas More to Future & Emerging Technologies, the utopia lives on
The future holds much potential, whether we'll end up in Utopia or Dystopia will be up to us and the following few generations. Walter Van de Velde, European Commission FET Programme and Strategy Officer gives an inspiring Tedx Talk on "The Deep Future? It Starts With Believing In It" and on how the European Commission still believes in magic with its Future & Emerging Technologies funding scheme.
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Projects' news & stories
First ever blueprint unveiled to construct a large scale quantum computer
An international team, led by a group from the University of Sussex, has produced the first-ever industrial blueprint for a large-scale quantum computer that could lead to an entirely new and exciting technological revolution. That group was also involved in the FET project iQIT, which aimed at combining ion traps and superconducting qubits in one device using microwave photons.
image of the quantum computer prototype core
Discover the unknown
How can we explore the inside of a volcano? What are the conditions in caverns deep beneath the earth surface? FET Open project Phoenix seeks to get information about places where humans have no or only extremely difficult access.
virtual model visualised by virtual representations of the autonomous physical agents
Leveraging diversity and the power of collectives to build a Smart Society
The Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) project Smart Society, has produced an open-source toolset and programming framework for Collective Adaptive Systems. Collective Adaptive Systems have the potential to disrupt the way we produce and provision services and help galvanise the Digital Single Market in Europe.
Logo of the Smart Society project
How are researchers using the European Grid Infrastructure?
The grid computing resources provided by the European Grid Infrastructure federation (EGI) are used by scientists and researchers across Europe and beyond. Discover a collection of the best research case studies showing how grid computing is helping their work.
EGI Case Studies
"Enlighten Your Research" programme launches call for Eastern Partnership participation
To promote the benefits of international-scale research and advanced computer networks, the Eastern Partnership Connect project offers an exciting opportunity for research communities in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region through the Enlighten Your Research (EYR) programme.
EaP Connect
Forthcoming Events
8 March 2017 - University College London, London, UK
Women in Graphene - Career Development Day
Join the Graphene FET Flagship for an inspirational day with focus on career development.
4 April 2017 - Barcelona, Spain
New OpenAIRE workshop announced: legal issues in Open Research Data
OpenAIRE announces an interactive workshop exploring the legal challenges of Open Research Data as well as presenting the upcoming OpenAIRE legal study and the data anonymization service developed by the OpenAIRE IT experts.
27 April 2017 - Belgium
FET-Open Research and Innovation Actions Info Day
This Information Day is the opportunity for attendees to learn about the H2020 Future Emerging Technologies (FET- OPEN) Research and Innovation Actions proposal guidelines and submission procedures and about the criteria for evaluation. There will be ample time for questions and for networking among the participants.
9 - 12 May 2017 - Catania, Italy
INDIGO Summit 2017
The INDIGO-DataCloud project aims to design a new suite of services to allow research communities from all disciplines to deploy complex applications on their own and run them on the cloud, according to their needs. This Summit will be centered on exploring the solutions provided by the INDIGO software, applying them to concrete use cases brought forward by scientific communities and resource providers. Demos, training and hands-on implementation sessions will also be included in the programme.
15 - 19 May 2017 - Barcelona, Spain
European High Performance Computing Summit Week 2017
This event will gather all High Performance Computing (HPC) related European initiatives and actors in a single week.
9 - 12 May 2017 - Catania, Italy
EGI conference 2017
The EGI Conference 2017 will focus on the technical roadmap of EGI, with days dedicated to authorisation and authentication, compute services both HTC and cloud, as well as storage and data services. Sessions on e-infrastructure governance, procurement and business models will also be included in the programme.
Other events
2 March 2017
Graphene Connect: From Datacom to IoT
6 - 8 May 2017
EU Graphene Flagship - Japan Workshop
29 May - 2 June 2017
TNC17 conference on The Art of Creative Networking
26 - 29 September 2017
International Conference on Integrated Quantum Photonics
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