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Issue nr 06

Net-It-Be Newsletter – Issue n° 6 – Editorial
Europe’s Future Internet (FI) and networking scene remains a glimmering light in what has been a struggling European economy. Net-It-Be Newsletter – Issue n° 6 – Editorial
SMEs get their apps into gear with €80 million boost
In September, the European Commission announced the launch of its FIWARE Accelerator Programme, an €80 million booster shot for SMEs, startups and web entrepreneurs using Future Internet platforms and technology.
Good Signs for Europe’s Tech Startup Scene
US investors are showing signs of renewed enthusiasm for European tech startups, leading almost half of the US$15 million in deals reported in September alone this year, according to the preliminary findings of the Startup Europe Partnership’s (SEP) Monitor and Mapping of the EU tech-venture scale-up scene.
Core Tech Driving IoT: the EU-funded iCore
While the Internet of Things (IoT) is hailed as a turnkey technology for the future, the reality today is a frustrating array of sometimes rigid and incompatible products being marketed that still expect users to set them up. The EU-funded iCore project has tackled these issues head on.
BUTLER At Your Service
The EU-funded BUTLER project has laid the foundations for a user-oriented, context-aware Internet of Things (IoT), through key scientific breakthroughs, reusable technological components and the organisation of an open community.
Network To Cloud … Lighten Up!
More flexibility, integrated solutions and faster service deployment are needed to help traditional telecom infrastructure lighten up and leverage cloud resources.
FIWARE Lab Debuts In Mexico
Open Days IoT Workshop: IoT’s Enormous Potential … Unveiled
You Are Being Disruptive!
Shaping Europe’s Software, Services and Cloud
What's new
Net Futures 2015 Conference
After 11 successful editions, the Future Internet Assembly will give way to the rebranded Net Futures formula organised as a single event bringing together all of Net Futures' interest groups and consultation meetings.  
Collective Awareness Platforms 2014 Call Opening
We need innovative solutions that challenge traditional ways of doing things, such as moving from closed R&D models to more open and collaborative forms of innovation which can unleash the power of collective intelligence in generating social awareness for the public good.  
IoT Large-scale pilots - Consultation and invitation for commitment
The European Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide advice and a commitment to help drive developments in future European Internet of Things (IoT) large-scale pilots. The results will contribute to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17 and European Commission actions.  
Open Calls related to Future Internet in Member States.  

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