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European Commission Electronics
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European Commission seeks input on a Reflection and Orientation paper on Smart Wearables
Smart wearables offer an unprecedented capability to assist people to manage their daily or professional activities in a safer, healthier and more-efficient manner. Moreover, combined with internet and data technologies, wearables offer a transformative power which can re-shape the organisation of social and economic activities in the modern society.
AngeLab Project receives European Innovation Award
The AngeLab project has been acknowledged by the European Commission as one of the most innovative FP7 projects in the area of "Micro/Nano Electronics", "Smart System Integration" or "Thin Organic Large Area Electronics". It received an Innovation Awards in Rome in the context of the European Nanoelectronics Forum.
Contact : Dr. Jesús M. Ruano-Lopez
Projects in focus
NeuWalk Research Project: new hope for paraplegic patients
The EU funded research project Neuwalk got results that bring new hope to people with severe injuries to their spinal cord. Non-human primates regain control of their paralyzed leg – as early as six days after spinal cord injury – thanks to a neuroprosthetic interface that acts as a wireless bridge between the brain and spine, bypassing the injury. A feasibility clinical study has begun in Switzerland to test the therapeutic effects of the spine-part of the interface in people with spinal cord injury.
Contact : Grégoire Courtine
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