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European Commission FET through the keyhole
Future & Emerging Technologies
In this issue - September 2016

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Top News
The Human Brain Project and the Graphene Flagships are moving ahead to the next stage of their 10-Year Voyage
The two Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships of Horizon 2020, The Human Brain Project and Graphene, have recently received additional funding from the European Commission for the next 2 years of their 10-year journey which started in 2013.
Expert group on Quantum Technology Flagship now set-up
Following the nomination of the chair, Prof. Mlynek, the Commission has now formally set-up the Commission Expert Group, with 13 very high level academic members, that will provide recommendations on the preparation of the Quantum Technology Flagship .
29 November 2016 - Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
European Parliament (EP) Workshop: Understanding the Human Brain
The Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) is organising a workshop where key leading representatives of three large-scale brain research initiatives from Europe, the United States and Japan will present an overview of their status, achievements, opportunities for cooperation, and future plans.
FET in numbers
FET-Open in Numbers
The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open scheme supports the early stages of the science and technology research and innovation around new ideas towards radically new future technologies. How many participants does a typical FET Open project have? Which disciplines receive funding? What is the SME involvement in FET Open projects? This and other information on the first FET Open call 2014-15 is now available.
FET Funding Opportunities
Deadline for FET Innovation Launchpad: 29th September 2016
Are you interested in short and focused FET OPEN innovation actions? Do you need funding for further innovation related work arising from FET-funded project results? Do not forget to submit your proposal under the FET Innovation Launchpad topic.
Projects' news & stories
Europe towards Exascale
Between 2011 and 2016, eight projects have been working towards the next generation supercomputer: CRESTA, DEEP and DEEP-ER, EPiGRAM, EXA2CT, Mont-Blanc (I + II) and Numexas. The challenges they addressed were manifold: innovative approaches to algorithm and application development, system software, energy efficiency, tools and hardware design took centre stage. Thanks to their collaborations, they also started developing a European Exascale Community. This brochure summarises their achievements and the status of the European HPC ecosystem.
Six NanoCars in the starting blocks
Six of the world’s most advanced vehicles will race over a track made of gold. Only you won’t be able to follow the race because each competitor is just nanometres in size and invisible to the naked eye.
Final steps of the DIVERSIFY project
The EU-funded DIVERSIFY project brought together researchers from the domains of software-intensive distributed systems and ecology, in order to translate ecological concepts and processes into software design principles. The project ended early 2016 but its impact is ongoing.
The new generation of 2D-materials
The FET-Open project 2D-Ink develops new 2D semiconducting inks that open up a range of new opportunities from ultrathin electronic appliances to new energy-storage technologies.
Impressive achievements for project Harvest4D
The EU-funded project Harvest4D will have a significant impact, not only scientifically, but also practically, as it solves many fundamental problems related to the capture, reconstruction, and visualization of 3D data to create 4D models.
Release of the first INDIGO-DataCloud software
An unmatched open modular suite of software components for Data and Cloud computing is now available for resource providers and researchers from all disciplines, all around Europe.
Forthcoming Events
Participation of H2020 Excellent Science projects to the ICT Proposers Day 2016
The ICT Proposers day is a unique networking opportunity to build partnerships and projects targeting the new FET Open, HPC and e-infrastructure calls.
Other events
10 - 12 October 2016
Graphene Flagship EU-US Workshop 2016 on 2D Materials, Heterostructures and Devices ​
12 October 2016
Human Brain Project Summit Open day
12 - 15 October 2016
Human Brain Project Summit 2016
18 - 20 October 2016
ESCAPE training Workshop: Towards Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather and Climate prediction
18 - 21 October 2016
International Symposium on Wearable Robotics
16 November 2016
European High Performance Computing projects showcase at Supercomputing '16
28 November - 4 December 2016
3rd Human Brain Project (HBP) Education School – Future Neuroscience - The Multiscale Brain: From Genes to behaviour
30 November - 1 December 2016
Graphene Connect Workshop on Energy, Production and Composites
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