Net-it-Be Newsletter — Issue Wed 15 Apr 2015

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Issue nr 07

Scaling-up for impact - A special report from Net Futures 2015
It is my pleasure to share this reflection on the memorable Net Futures 2015 conference. Memorable as it was the very first edition and we already welcomed more than 1000 people – 1000 engaged people – and they brought so much energy! Scaling-up for impact - A special report from Net Futures 2015
Need for speed - Fast forward >> Commercial success
Europe is learning to reap the rewards from its heavy investment in future internet research and innovation. With ground-breaking infrastructure and burgeoning ecosystems for business development, commercial success is looking strong.
Market ready - The best of beginnings
Europe is becoming a great place to turn innovative internet ideas into viable business as initiatives guide technology startups towards success.
Smart cities - Get connected !
A smart city bristles with technologies and sensors to monitor and manage traffic flows, air quality, energy usage and public transport. But there is plenty more to gain than efficient municipal services …
Say it loud – it's Fog and it's Cloud!
Cloud is evolving and the complexity of cloud computing is increasing. Cloud policy needs to keep pace and it is crucial to bring together different stakeholders for collaborative research.
Network apps - Networking goes virtual
Quickly sketch ‘the internet’, perhaps for a child, and you will probably draw computers joined by wires. Of course, the physical infrastructure exists, but many networking processes today are controlled by applications, not hardware. Are we ready for this virtual shift?
Open Source - Opening up to growth
From large corporations to the smallest startup, open source software is embraced by developers as the foundation for innovation, synergy and market growth.
Internet of Things - Just the Thing we need !
From cars to clothes, medical devices to home heating, some 5 billion ‘things’ are already connected. The Internet of Things is poised for take-off, but does Europe have what it takes to stay at the forefront of innovation and implementation?

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