ICT for Ageing Well Newsletter — Issue Thu 05 Feb 2015

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European Commission ICT for Ageing Well
In this issue - 05 February 2015

In focus
9 - 10 March 2015 - Brussels
European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing
The European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing is growing and developing. It received over 1200 registrations and has had now to close registration.
See also : European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing
Contact : ec-eip-aha@ec.europa.eu
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Other news
Launch of the UK's NHS Innovation Accelerator programme
The NHS Innovation Accelerator invites leading healthcare pioneers from around the world to bring their tried and tested innovations to the NHS. The programme aims to select a broad range of innovations – products, processes and technologies – to be more rapidly developed and scaled across the health service, to improve patient care, and reduce costs.
Event announcements
24 - 2Thu 05 Feb 2015 - Stuttgart, Germany
Falls festival: Technology in the prediction, detection and prevention of falls
The Falls Festival brings together leading academics, researchers, health care practitioners, clinicians, industry representatives and key stakeholders from across the globe to celebrate best practice research and innovation in the multidisciplinary study and implementation of falls prevention in older people.
27 March 2015 - Paris, France
Smart Homecare: investing in skills and service delivery
This conference brings together experts and decision-makers, practitioners and policy-makers to talk about digital competence development in the field of care and social care. It will be a one day free and open event with online registration.
See also : More information
Projects news & results
EU research project will develop app to boost the quality of life of people with dementia
The recently launched project will develop an electronic platform, called Medical Intelligence for Assistive Management Interface - Mild Dementia, or MIAMI-MD, the first assistive technology designed specifically for mild dementia sufferers.
See also : press release by partner Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (in Swedish).
Studies and reports
mHealth in Europe: Preparing the ground – consultation results published
Privacy and security, patient safety, a clear legal framework and better evidence on cost-effectiveness are all required to help mobile Health care (“mHealth”) flourish in Europe, according to the responses to a European Commission public consultation.
Close-up of a woman taking a blood sample from her finger with a glaucometer
Mapping of effective technology-based services for independent living for older people at home
This report identifies and maps technology-based services which have successfully enhanced the independent living of older adults at home in and outside Europe.
See also : Carretero, S.; Stewart, J. and Centeno, C. (2015). Information and communication technologies for informal carers and paid assistants: benefits from micro-, meso-, and macro-levels. European Journal of Ageing, DOI: 10.1007/s10433-015-0333-4
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