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European Commission OISPG Open Innovation
Newsletter No. 45 - April 2014
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Open Innovation in our Universities
With Open Innovation becoming an important cornerstone for our European welfare, its principles must surely be an essential element in the way we teach the next generation to take control.
29 April 2014
New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs | Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship
The objective of the launch conference is to create a momentum at European level gathering involved parties to raise awareness on new business models and promote a common clear message on the potential of digital entrepreneurship.
How to Unleash the Entire Innovation Potential
Based on case evidence, this article suggests concrete ways of arranging and conducting unconferences. It addresses, in particular, the ambiguity of setting up an event with pre-defined goals while at the same time trusting in self-directedness.
The Grand Finale at FEI and the Combinatoric Innovation Award
During the Front End of Innovation conference in Venice the final ranking of the Master winners was determined!
The MOOI Project
MOOI is an online community of OI-professionals who want to collaborate in discussing, structuring and qualifying best practices of “Managing and Organizing Open Innovation.” It offers a platform to bring open innovation management one level up by examining, in a structured way, a new management challenge each month during one year.
A Market-Based Alternative to Patent System Challenges
On June 4, 2013, the US White House outlined an initiative that takes aim at numerous issues which many people believe are problematic for the intellectual property (IP) market and innovation. Among the issues highlighted were the lack of transparency, the need to create a level playing field between all innovators, and excessive or frivolous litigation.
Тhe EIF report 'The Digital World in 2030: What Place for Europe?' is finally ready!
This report proceeds in five chapters. The first proposes an updated central paradigm for trying to envision the digital world, this time of 2030, and summarises what are likely to be key features. The second updates observable trends in the evolution of the technologies and tools driving the digital revolution. The third turns to observable economic trends, and the fourth to political and social trends.
Open Innovation – Bosch platforms
Innovations can be inspired by work in research and development, or come about as a result of an exchange of opinion with our suppliers and customers.
9 Important Messages on Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing
Stefan Lindegaard: Here you get some of the messages I shared at the Innovation Lab conferences for small and medium sized companies in the Baltic region. I think they are globally universal so I hope you will enjoy this too.
The Romanian Cluj region could be a very good partner in various Smart City actions
The Cluj Innovation Days (20-21 March 2014) were very much focused on the Cluj Innovation City declaration bringing the different stakeholders together (public, academic and industrial) to a common growth and investment strategy based on triple helix innovation.
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Contact : Bror Salmelin, Advisor for Innovation Systems at the European Commission, DG CONNECT
7 October 2014
Nominate a company for the ACES 2014!
The winners of the ACES 2014 will be celebrated in Berlin on 7 October 2014. Previous editions of the ACES conference have taken place in Stockholm, Paris, Zurich and Brussels.
8 - 13 June 2014
June 2014 will be about INNOVATION!
In a few months, Dublin will become again the European Inno-Conferences Hub with the XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference and the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference taking place!
13 - 14 November 2014
SAVE THE DATE! The Great Transformation - Managing Our Way to Prosperity
With unemployment, and in particular, youth unemployment reaching historic dimensions, the idea of progress and continuous improvement of our living conditions is giving way to increasing future-angst.
24 April 2014
ONE Conference 2014
The data-driven economy can provide Europe with a chance to emerge from the multifaceted crisis with new capabilities. The ONE Conference is facilitating the joint effort of EU partners to build links between information networks and ICT Observatories for reaching ambitious common objectives of Europe 2020.
20 May - 31 December 2014
Fostering e-Leadership Skills
Demand is growing throughout European industry to improve the quality of e-leadership, covering organisation leadership in ICT innovation to deliver business value. Research has confirmed a significant shortage of e-leadership skills across Europe - a call for action.
25 April 2014 - Brussels, Belgium
The Art of Living with ICT
Our lives are nowadays impregnated with information and communication technologies and digital media, to the extent that it is all but impossible to distinguish between who “we” are and what those “media” are. We define ourselves, even give meaning to life, by way of technology.
Innovation video
02 April 2014
EIT ICT Labs' Idea Challenge
The "idea challenge" launched by the EIT CIT Labs is a pan-european contest for startups throughout 8 cities (London, Eindhoven, Rennes, Trento, Berlin, Munich, Helsinki, Stockholm) and 8 topics . Come and pitch your idea until April the 20th and be amoung the 3 first to win from 15.000 to 40.000 euros.
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