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European Commission EU eHealth in focus -
Trust in the Digital World - CSP EU Forum
18 April 2013 - Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: TDL, EEMA, CSP EU Forum, DG CNECT
Trust in the Digital World - CSP EU Forum
The conference is DG CNECT's major event to discuss its policy and research of trustworthy and secure ICT in Europe with business, academia and the public sector.

The "Trust in the Digital World" Conference is a two-day event organised by EEMA & TDL & CSP EU FORUM and hosted by DG CONNECT. The meeting will take place in Brussels (Charlemagne building in the Schuman area) on Thursday and Friday, 18th/19th of April 2013.

The conference will comprise of a variety of presentations and panel discussions covering the key challenges and strategies available to effectively manage citizen and corporate trust and cybersecurity as well as the European policies and activities supporting it.

It is a crucial occasion date for those in business, academia, the public sector and government who are involved in the policy, industry and research of trustworthy and secure ICT in Europe.

In particular, it will be a central event for DG CNECT to present its activities in the field of Trust & Security and to discuss them with stakeholders from industry, academia and the public.

To participate in the "Trust in the Digital World" event please register via: http://www.cspforum.eu/2013 or https://www.eema.org/Events/.

See also : http://www.trustindigitallife.eu/
Contact : Martin Muehleck


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