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An unobtrusive device to keep the elderly safe at home
An unobtrusive device to keep the elderly safe at home
A home surveillance system that doesn't offend residents' privacy can be a smart safety solution for elderly persons living independently. It's a biologically inspired stereo sensor that relies on artificial intelligence. If a person has a fall in the surveilled area, the device detects the event visually, interprets it as a cause for alarm and sends a detailed text message to the relatives or the nurse maid, who can rapidly intervene. The system doesn't require wearable sensors and doesn't transmit any visual images outside, making it reliable and safe for privacy.

In this program an elderly care home in Bremen is visited where this surveillance system is being tested in real-life situations, talking to the end users, caregivers and engineers leading the project (main interviewee: Ahmed Nabil Belbachir, CARE project coordinator, Austrian Institute of Technology).

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