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Online Engagement Digital Agenda Assembly 2012
Online Engagement Digital Agenda Assembly 2012
More than 800 members are currently taking part in the online discussion platform which [link]http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/neelie-kroes/daa-platform/(Neelie Kroes launched on 19 April)[/link] in preparation for the [link]http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/daa/index_en.htm(Digital Agenda Assembly)[/link] (Brussels, 21-22 June) and the forthcoming review of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The members making the most interesting contributions in each group will be invited to attend the Assembly. Highlights include, an active [link]http://daa.ec.europa.eu/group/15/content(online forum on Public Services and sustainability)[/link] featuring a lively discussion in which concrete ways Europe should enable and deliver [link]https://dae.uservoice.com/forums/162839-public-innovation-in-the-digital-agenda-for-europe(innovation in digital public services and sustainability)[/link]. The [link]http://daa.ec.europa.eu/group/12/content(Jobs and Skills online forum)[/link] has also engaged participants to discuss how to bridge the gap between the shortage of ICT skilled workforce and the [link]http://daa.ec.europa.eu/content/youth-employment-crisis(high supply of young Europeans in search for a job and an attractive career)[/link]. They are already sharing good examples of practices (from ICT companies or others) bridging that gap. [link]http://daa.ec.europa.eu/content/special/collecting-inspiring-initiatives-ict-based-job-creation(Share your example !)[/link] If you are interested in these or other issues discussed in the platform, [link]http://daa.ec.europa.eu/(join and contribute to the debate)[/link]
Contact : INFSO-DAA2012@ec.europa.eu
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