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Health 2.0 Conference and Digital Health Masterclass
18 September - 20 November 2013 - Mermaid Conference Center in London, United Kingdom
Organizer: Health 2.0 and Johnson & Johnson
Health 2.0 Conference and Digital Health Masterclass

This November, the Health 2.0 Europe conference will take place in London. It wants to take Health 2.0 initiatives to the next level. On the 20th, 50.000 euros in prize money will be awarded to eHealth businesses in the framework of a Digital Health Masterclass.

During three sessions, the Digital Health Masterclass will offer digital health companies the benefits of a growth-focused curriculum, expert advice, and close interaction with customers and venture financing partners.

Workshops will be held in European locations, finishing in London.

  1. Session 1 — September 18th to 20th 2013
  2. Session 2 — October 9th to 11th 2013
  3. Session 3 — October 28th to 30th 2013
  4. Challenge and Investor Day — 20th November 2013 in association with Health 2.0 Europe

At the Challenge and Investor day each company will present their business proposition.

Each business can send 2 executives to the programme sessions. A grant of up to €2,000 will be provided to each company to offset some travel expenses.

More information and registration: masterclass.jnjinnovation.com

Changing health systems

The 4th annual Health 2.0 Europe conference will take place on November 17-19, 2013 at the Mermaid Conference Center in London, United Kingdom.

Health 2.0 Europe is about a fresh generation of entrepreneurs who believe they can be the change they want to see in their health systems. It’s about engaging a deeper conversation and widening our perspective on today’s health eco-systems. It’s about social media and communities, patient-physician communication, system reform, data, analytics, population health management, personalized medicine, sensors and devices, wellness…

The event leverages the international Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and technology collaboration and showcases the start-ups that are leading the way into the future of health care.

Everyone in health innovation has a reason to attend:

  • Health entrepreneurs learn about the latest trends, meet new players, survey competitors, network with potential integration partners, and flirt with investors.
  • Investors spot the latest trends and investment opportunities, and engage with future game changers in health technology.
  • Health professionals discover tools that will transform their daily practice and enrich their relationship with patients.
  • Patients experience the latest in personalizing their access to online medical information and co-producing their own health.
  • Pharma and suppliers discover new ways to listen, connect, and collaborate with patients and doctors.
  • Payers and insurers witness LIVE demos of the technologies that have the highest potential to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

After 3 successful editions in Paris (2010) and Berlin (2011/2012), Health 2.0 Europe 2013 will take place in London with the support of the NHS Commissioning Board. The event will showcase the latest technologies and reconvene over 500 European movers and shakers.

"I want to see patient outcomes improve and I want a more effective, high-value health service − it’s all of you who will make this a reality." - Tim KELSEY, National Director for Patients and Information at the UK Department of Health and Health 2.0 2013 Keynote Speaker.

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