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Press Releases :: Neelie Kroes: Smart tags - working together to protect privacy

Neelie Kroes: Smart tags - working together to protect privacy

(06/04/2011) European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes has signed a voluntary agreement with industry, civil society, ENISA and privacy and data protection watchdogs to establish guidelines for all companies in Europe to address the data protection implications of smart tags (Radio Frequency Identification Devices – RFID) prior to placing them on the market. "Today we put consumers' privacy at the centre of RFID smart tag technology," Neelie Kroes told a Brussels audience. The agreement establishes for the first time in Europe a clear methodology to assess and mitigate the privacy risks of smart tags that can be applied by all industry sectors that use smart tags (for example, transport, logistics, the retail trade, ticketing, security and health care) to ensure their compliance with EU data protection rules. "What we celebrate today is not only the successful completion of a challenging task, 'how to protect the privacy of European citizens when using RFID', it is potentially also the start of a new policy approach, in fact a new commitment to involving all stakeholders in the process of solving privacy problems", Kroes concluded.

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