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Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2017

13 - 14 June 2017, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

'Open Innovation 2.0: The Platform for Digital Innovation' The fifth edition of the high-level conference will be held in the heart of Transylvania - Cluj-Napoca (13 - 14 June 2017)!

The International Conference on Open Innovation 2.0 was established 4 years ago and it has been held in Ireland, Finland and The Netherlands. The OI2 Conference has been attended by innovation experts, policy-makers, academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The fifth edition of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference conference will take place in the picturesque city of Cluj-Napoca in the heart of the Romanian Transylvania region (13th -14th  June 2017). The city has developed as a strong IT and innovation ecosystem with 11 Universities and several innovation and technology parks.


Organisers and venue

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As usual, the high-level event on OI2 will be co-organised by different stakeholders – public and private bodies. By far, the co-organisers are the European Commission's Directorate-General CONNECT in the shape of the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG); the European Committee of the Regions; Municipality of Cluj-Napoca; The Innovation Value Institute; ARIES Transylvania, MasterCard, the Innovation Value Institute,  iTech Transylvania, and the Transylvanian Clusters Consortium and kindly supported by Dublin City Council.

The location of the event for the two full conference days will be Grand Hotel Italia located in Cluj-Napoca. A five star hotel born from the entrepreneurial talent of Mr Antonio Batani.

The OI2 events ecosystem: themes and structure of the chain of events

See a provisional Agenda of the conference below

For the 1st time, the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference team presents a busy line-up of interconnected events: Cluj Innovation Dialogue (10-11 June), followed by the OI2 Conference 2017 #OI2Conf17 (13-14June), Innovation Luminary Awards Gala Dinner between day 1 and day 2 of the conference, and a Cluj Town Hall Debate supported by the European Committee of the Regions in the afternoon of 13th June!

A small exhibition is planned to be an integral part of the OI2 conference as it offers visibility for OI-related projects and activities, showcasing best practises to be multiplied.

Cluj Innovation Dialogue (10-11 June 2017)

The Innovation Dialogue is an event instrument for addressing societal challenges through an open innovation context approach. Putting the entrepreneurial discovery methods in use, the Innovation Ddialogue aims at developing breakthrough ideas and projects prototypes.

Five important policy and business- related challenges will be brought up for discussion and solution seeking to international groups of experts from different filelds of expertise, referred as 'challenge solvers' in the context of the event..

In this year's edition challenges owners during the Innovation Dialogue will be the European Commission  (DG CONNECT), The Committee of the Regions, The Municipality of Cluj and ARIES Transilvania.

Stakeholders from all domains are invited to dare and join the two-day Innovation Dialogue event in quest finding solutions of everyday problems by putting their creative endeavour in action. For more information, please send an e-mail request.

The OI2 Conference (13-14 June 2017)

The OI2 conference is bringing strong synergies between the topics of Digital Innovation Hubs and SME/Startup activities in south-east Europe on which European Commission's Directorate-General CONNECT is also putting an emphasis on.

The event plenaries will discuss examples on national policy development (like Austrian Open Innovation Strategy), examples of ecosystem creation (in context of industrial transformation), dissemination of open innovation having Digital Innovation Hubs as centres for ecosystems; and citizen engagement in large scale pilots and experiments. Read more on the content of the sessions.

The Innovation Radar activity will be highly visible as well thought the innovation systems modelling and governance perspective.

One of the objectives of the conference is to reinforce the exchange between the different stakeholders involved in creating the right conditions for Open Innovation environments and ecosystems. Participants will be encouraged to interact on issues related to open innovation, innovation catalysts and innovation ecosystems. Plenary speeches will be short and inspiring ones, and the different sessions will partially have a cyber café format on selected themes.

Innovation Luminary Awards Gala Dinner (13 June 2017, 20:00 h; by invitation only)

We are honored to announce the Innovation Luminary Awards Ceremony on the 13th of June 2017, an award founded in collaboration with the OISPG and the Dublin City Council and handed over by Mr. Peter Finnegan (Dublin City Council), Mr. Martin Curley (OISPG Chair), Mr. Markku Markkula (OISPG Vice Chair) and Mr. Bror Salmelin (OISPG Founder)

The Innovation Luminary Academy and Awards have been established by the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) to celebrate and recognise outstanding innovation role models and through this to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Cluj Town Hall Debate (13 June 2017, afternoon)

The debate taking place in Cluj-Napoca in the afternoon of June 13 will be the first "Reflecting on Europe" debate jointly supported by the European Committee of the Regions and the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and in the context of organising the EU conference on Open Innovation 2.0.

Since Romania is preparing to have the EU presidency in 2019, in a more and more digital world, the townhall detabe will adress the theme of European cohesion for the future and offer a sense of contributing from the local and regional level to the challenges that are to be addressed by EU politicians in order to have a more united Europe.


Available soon

Be an exhibitor

You can present and promote your company innovative project/initiative in the exhibition are during the Open Innovation 2.0 event (13-14 June 2017).

Stands/stalls can be installed in the main hall of the conference venue.

For more information please send an e-mail indicating `OI 2.0 INNOVATION EXIBITION` in the subject of your message.

Plan your stay

For bookings at Grand Hotel Italia (location of conference) you should send an e-mail indicating in the e-mail subject ”HOTEL BOOKING OI 2.0” (which is the conference code as the organisers did a block-booking for participants).

In the text of the e-mail please indicate the concrete dates of both your arrival and departure at the hotel, time of your flights to and from Cluj-Napoca (so that we know in case you need an early check-in).

For other hotel options and rates, please check the file attached below.


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