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Events :: PAST EVENT - Open Innovation meets Big Data Consortium

PAST EVENT - Open Innovation meets Big Data Consortium

18 November 2013

The Open Innovation meets Big Data Consortium OI-4 met with DG Connect in November to share thinking about opportunities and challenges at the interface between ‘Open Innovation and Big Data’

“This discussion is important and most timely as the detail of upcoming Horizon 2020 calls are worked out, we see an important role for innovation in data enabled services and are sensitive to the need to find win-wins for Commission, Commerce and the Consumer” - Bror Salmelin, Advisor Innovation Systems, DG CONNECT


The OI4 consortium is guided and funded by leading organizations such as Deutsche Telekom, Sony, Sealed  Air, Ordnance Survey, Scottish Enterprise, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge and the Met Office covering communications; media; supply chain; healthcare; retail; government and academe. It is one of a suite of consortia around fast moving areas of technology or business process organized by the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) in Cambridge UK.

When asked “Why is OI4 so interested in the space where Big Data meets Open Innovation?” Dr. Peter Hewkin who facilitates the consortium replied  “There is a lot of data out there! By analyzing very large data sets it can be possible to extract statistically significant new knowledge .. for example about: systems performance, market trends, user behaviours together with  correlations, forecast outcomes and  sensitivities. This can enable us to improve the efficiency of making choices within an organization.. and, if we share insight with partners, the benefits of optimizing (eg from the point of view of return-on-investment, social or environmental impact) larger entities such as industries, cities or nations is even more significant.”

However, along with the opportunity, the consortium’s discussions with the Commission also highlighted important issues and questions, particularly at regulatory and policy levels. These are in part the result of technology moving forward very quickly with previously unforeseen consequences in areas such as permission, ownership and trust. This becomes particularly sensitive when data moves across corporate, organizational or national boundaries.

It was agreed that a new dialogue is needed, on the one hand to ensure that consultation with future customers and users of the new services at the centre of developments and on the other that regulation to protect from exclusion, misuse and disadvantage should move forward at an appropriate pace. In particular the possibility of  new entities emerging in both the public and private sector to engage in such new opportunities needed to be considered.

The OI4 consortium members have be asked to work on a submission to DG Connect which highlights key opportunities and questions which arose during this discussion.

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