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Projects :: Safer Internet Plus Programme

Safer Internet Plus Programme projects

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SAFE-SI 2: Awareness Node on promoting safer use of the Internet and new online technologies among young people in Slovenia
SafenetCY: Island-wide Safer Internet Hotline in Cyprus
SafeNetHomePlus: Awareness campaign to promote and encourage positive & critical thinking, educating how to protect ourselves and our privacy on the Internet and new online technologies, aiming at SafeNet-everywhere
SAFER INTERNET BE AN-HL: Belgian Integrated Network Safer Internet
SAFER INTERNET CY AN-HL-HELP: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline
SAFER INTERNET DK AN-HL-HELP: Safer internet combined nodes denmark
SAFER INTERNET FI AN-HL-HELP: Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety
SAFER INTERNET FR AN-HL-HELP: Internet Sans Crainte - AFA Point de Contact
SAFER INTERNET HU AN-HL-HELP: Combined node to tackle illegal conent and to promote a safer online environment in Hungary
SAFER INTERNET IS AN-HELP: Samfélag, fjölskylda og tækni (SAFT) / Community, family and technology
SAFER INTERNET LT: Lithuanian Awareness and Hotline Actions for Safer Internet
SAFER INTERNET LT AN-HL: Lithuanian Awareness and Hotline Actions for Safer Internet
SAFER INTERNET LV AN-HL-HELP: Combined Safer Internet Node - Latvia
SAFER INTERNET NL AN-HL: Consortium Awareness node Digibewust and Hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno
SAFER INTERNET NO AN: Norwegian Awareness Node for Safe Use of Online Technologies among Children and Youngsters.
SAFER INTERNET PT AN-HL: Portuguese Safer Internet Plus
SAFER INTERNET UK AN-HL-HELP: United Kingdom Safer Internet Plus Programme
Saferinternet AT AN-HL-HELP: Safer Internet Austria: Stopline and Saferinternet.at
Saferinternet BG AN-HL: Setting up combined SAFEr InterNET node in Bulgaria
Saferinternet DE AN-HL-HELP: SaferInternetwork Germany
Saferinternet DK AN: Awareness Node Denmark 3
Saferinternet DK HL: Red Barnet / Save the Children Denmark Hotline against child abuse images on the internet 3
Saferinternet ES AN-HL-HELP: PROTEGELES IV - Spanish combined awareness and hotline node
Saferinternet FR AN-HELP: Internet sans Crainte
Saferinternet FR HL: Integrated network:: Hotlines
Saferinternet GR AN-HL-HELP: Create public awareness and offer knowledge about how to use the Internet and other online technologies more safely
Saferinternet IE AN-HL-HELP: Safer Internet Ireland
Saferinternet IT AN-HL: EAST 2:EASY to STOP-IT
Saferinternet LU AN-HL-HELP: Luxembourg Safer Internet
Saferinternet NL AN: National Awareness Node Digibewust
Saferinternet PL AN-HL-HELP: Polish Safer Internet Combined Node
Saferinternet RO AN-HL-HELP: SIGUR.INFO - Combined Safer Internet Romanian Node
Saferinternet SE AN-HELP: Awareness Node Sweden
Saferinternet SI AN-HL-HELP: SIP-SI: Combined Safer Internet Node for Slovenia
Saferinternet UK HL: Internet Watch Foundation


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