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Projects :: The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme

The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme projects

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SABER: Satellite Broadband for European Regions
SEED: Speeding “Every European Digital”
SEESGEN-ICT: Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart Generation Grids through ICT
SEHGovIA: Supporting the European eHealth Governance Initiative and Action
SEMIRAMIS: Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
SHOWE-IT: Real-life trial in Social Housing, of Water and Energy efficiency ICT services
Smart Build: Implementing smart ICT concepts for energy efficiency in public buildings
SMART CAMPUS: SMART CAMPUS - Building-User Learning Interaction for Energy Efficiency
SMART-ISLANDS: SMART-ISLANDS: 3D Smart Webservices for Mediterranean Islands
SmartCare: Joining up ICT and service processes for quality integrated care in Europe
smartCEM: Smart Connected Electro Mobility
SMARTiP: Smart Metropolitan Areas Realised Through Innovation & People - SMARTiP
SMARTSPACES: Saving Energy in Europe's Public Buildings Using ICT
SOCIABLE: Motivating platform for elderly networking, mental reinforcement and social interaction
SPECIFI: Smart Platforms Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet
SPOCS: Simple Procedures Online for Crossborder Services
SSEDIC: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community
STORK: Secure Identity Across Borders Linked
STORK 2.0: Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0
SUMAT: SUMAT: An Online Service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation
SUNSHINE: Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency
SUSTAINS: Support USers To Access INformation and Services


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