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Projects from all Information Society programmes

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LAPSI: Thematic Network on Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information
LAPSI 2.0: Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information 2.0
LED 4 ART: High quality and energy efficient LED illumination for art
LetsMT!: Platform for Online Sharing of Training Data and Building User Tailored MT
LIFE 2.0: LIFE 2.0: Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people
LiLa: Dissemination of Remote and Virtual Laboratories for Natural Sciences and Engineering
Linked Heritage: Linked Heritage - Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana
LIRICS: Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems
LISA Hotline Alert: Luxembourg Elisabeth Hotline Alert
LISE: Legal Language Interoperability Services
LITES: Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving
LiveCity: Live Video-to-Video Supporting Interactive City Infrastructure
LoCloud: Local content in a Europeana cloud
LongLastingMemories: Long Lasting Memories

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The projects displayed are funded by the Information Society and Media DG. More projects will be added in the future including those from the Sixth and Seventh Framework programmes.
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