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Projects from all Information Society programmes

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e-CODEX: e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange
E-NO FALLS: European Network fOr FALL Prevention, Intervention & Security E-NO FALLS.
e-SENS: Electronic Simple European Networked Services
E.L.F.: The European Location Framework
E3SoHo: E3SoHo- ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing
eAccess+: eACCESS+: the eAccessibility Network
EAGLE: Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy
EAST: EASY TO STOP-IT: Combined Safer Internet Italian Node
EASTIN-CL: Crosslingual and multimodal Search in a Portal for Support of Assisted Living
EAwareness: Europeana Awareness
eCloud: Europeana Cloud: Unlocking Europe’s Research via The Cloud
EDISON: Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks
EDLnet: European Digital Library Network
EdReNe: Educational Repositories Network
EduTubePlus: A European curriculum related video library and hybrid e-services for the pedagogical exploitation of video in class
eEnviPer: A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications
eENVplus: eEnvironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE
EFG: EFG - The European Film Gateway
EFG1914: EFG1914
EGN: EuroGeoNames - developing a European geographical names infrastructure and services
eGOS: eGOS. e-Guidance and e-Government Services
EGOV4U: E-Government for You
eGovMoNet: eGovernment Monitor Network
eHealth Innovation: eHealth Innovation - Scaling up eHealth facilitated personalised health services: Developing a European roadmap for sustained eHealth Innovation
EHR-Q-TN: Thematic Network on Quality and Certification of EHR systems
ELAN: Electronic learning and assistance network
eMARKS: electronic TradeMARK and Industrial Design Service
ENACSO: European Child Safety Online NGO Network
eNACSO II: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online II
eNACSO III: Promoting a safer online environment. NGO network for child protection on the internet
ENACSO IV: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online IV
EnergyTIC: Technology, Information and Communication services for engaging social housing residents in energy and water efficiency
ENGAGED: European Network Group for Ageing Well and its Deployment
ENRICH: European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage
ENUMERATE: ENUMERATE: A European Survey for Statistical Intelligence on Digitization, Digital Preservation and Online Access to Cultural Heritage
eParticipate ID: eParticipation Trans-European Network for Democratic Renewal and Citizen Engagement - Initial Deployment
EPIC: European Platform for Intelligent Cities
EPLACE: Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEn’s living labs
ePSIPlus: ePSIPlus: towards the 2008 review of the Directive on PSI re-use
epSOS: Smart Open Services - Open eHealth Initiative for a European Large Scale Pilot of Patient Summary and Electronic Prescription
eSDI-Net+: eSDI-Net+ European Network on Geographic Information Enrichment and Reuse
ESDIN: Underpinning the European Spatial Data Infrastructure with a Best Practice Network.
eSESH: Saving Energy in Social Housing with ICT
ETNA: European Thematic Network on Assistive Information and Communication Technologies
EU Kids Online II: EU Kids Online II: Enhancing knowledge regarding European children's use, risk and safety online
EU Kids Online III: Eu Kids Online III
EU NET ADB: EU NET ADB : Research on the intensity and prevalence of Internet addictive behaviour risk among minors in Europe
EU-LATITUDE: Quality online publishing services for tourism authorities in Europe
EuDML: The European Digital Mathematics Library
EUKidsOnline: European Research on Cultural, Contextual and Risk Issues in Children's Safe Use of the Internet and New Media
EURADIN: European Addresses Infrastructure
EURO-Photo: Disclosing the European Library on common visual historical heritage
EUROGENE: An integrated high secure cross-border platform for preventative healthcare incorporating genetic and lifestyle analysis
EUROGENE: EUROGENE: the first pan-European learning service in the field of genetics
EuroGeoSource: EU Information and Policy Support System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resources.
EuroMuse: EuroMuse.net
Europeana 1914-1918: Europeana 1914-1918: Remembering the First World War – a digital collection of outstanding sources from European national libraries
Europeana Creative: Europeana Creative
Europeana Fashion: Europeana Fashion
Europeana Libraries: Europeana Libraries: Aggregating digital content from Europe’s libraries
Europeana Newspapers: A Gateway to European Newspapers Online
EUROPEANA REGIA: Europeana Regia: a digital collaborative library of royal manuscripts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Europeana Sounds: Europeana Sounds
Europeana v1.0: Europeana v1.0
EuropeanaConnect: EuropeanaConnect
EuropeanaLocal: Making local and regional content accessible through the European Digital Library
EuropeanaPhotography: EUROPEAN Ancient PHOTOgraphic vintaGe repositoRies of digitAized Pictures of Historical qualitY
EuropeanaTravel: EuropeanaTravel
EuroPriSe: European Privacy Seal
EUscreen: EUscreen: Exploring Europe's television Heritage in Changing Contexts
EUscreenXL: EUscreenXL, the pan-European audiovisual aggregator for Europeana
Ev2: Europeana v2.0
eViP: Electronic Virtual Patient
eWater: Multilingual cross-border access to ground water databases

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The projects displayed are funded by the Information Society and Media DG. More projects will be added in the future including those from the Sixth and Seventh Framework programmes.
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