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Projects from all Information Society programmes

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3D-ICONS: 3D Digitisation of Icons of European Architectural and Archaeological Heritage
3e-Houses: Energy Efficient e-Houses
@qua: @qua Innovation Network for Water Efficiency
ACDC: Advanced Cyber Defence Centre
ADD ME!: ADD ME! - Activating Drivers for Digital eMpowerment in Europe
AgeingWell: Network for the Market uptake of ICT for Ageing Well
Agora: Agora. Scholarly Open Access Research in European Philosophy
ANSR: Awareness node Slovakia
ANTILOPE: ANTILOPE - Adoption and take up of standards and profiles for eHealth Interoperability
APENET: Internet Gateway for Documents and Archives in Europe
APEX: Archives Portal Europe network of eXcellence
APOLLON: Advanced Pilots of Living Labs Operating in Networks
Apps4EU: Apps 4 Europe - Turning Data into Business
APSIS4all: Accessible Personalised Services In PDTS for all
ARROW: Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works towards Europeana
ARROW Plus: European Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works
ASPECT: Adopting Standards and Specifications for Educational Content
ASSETS: Advanced Search Services and Enhanced Technological Solutions for the European Digital Library
ATHENA: Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe
AthenaPlus: Access to cultural heritage networks for Europeana
ATIS4all: Assistive Technologies and Inclusive Solutions for All
ATLAS: Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS
BE SIC II: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
BECA: Balanced European Conservation Approach – ICT services for resource saving in social housing
Bernstein: Bernstein - The Memory of Papers. Collaborative systems for paper expertise and history
BEST Energy: Built Environment Sustainability and Technology in Energy
BEST NETWORK: Biometric European Stakeholders Network
Better Breathing: Better Breathing; A new model for continuous care of chronic patients - eCare, eRehabilitation, ePatient Community and eLearning for patients with breathing handicaps
BG Safenet DESK: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
BHL-Europe: Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe
BIK-NET: Pilot Platform for Safer Internet Centres
Bologna: Bologna Translation Service
BRESAT: Broadband in EU Regions via satellite
Bridge IT: Thematic Network ICT for social integration and cultural diversity
BRISEIDE: BRIdging SErvices, Information and Data for Europe
CAALYX-MV: Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment – Market Validation
CACAO: Cross-language Access to Catalogues And On-line libraries
CALLIOPE: CALL for InterOPErability: Creating a European coordination network for eHealth interoperability implementation
CARARE: Connecting ARchaeology and ARchitecture in Europeana
Carer+: Ageing well in the community and at home: developing digital competencies of care workers to improve the quality of life of older people
Caselex: CASE Law EXchange
CEMSDI: Civil-servants Empowerment for Multi-media Service Delivery ICT-enabled
CESAR: CEntral and South-east europeAn Resources
CIDRE: Citizen-Friendly Trans-European mGovernment Services
CIRCAMP: CIRCAMP - Thematic network for international law enforcement cooperation
CITADEL: Citadel...on the move
CitySDK: Smart City Service Development Kit and its Application Pilots
CLEAR: Clinical Leading Environment for the Assessment and validation of Rehabilitation Protocols for home care
Co Cities: Cooperative Cities extend and validate mobility services
CO-LLABS: Thematic Network for Community based Living Labs to Enhance SMEs Innovation
Commons4EU: Commons for Europe
CommonWell: Common Platform Services for Ageing Well in Europe CommonWell
COMMUNIA: The European Thematic Network on the Public Domain in the Digital Age
Compass4D: Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment
COSMO: Cooperative Systems for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency
COSMOS: COSMOS: An Advanced Scientific Repository for Science Teaching and Learning
CROSS: Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies
CZESICON: Safer Internet Plus Internet Helpline CZ
DAD: Digital aided guide for fathers-to-be
Daguerreobase: Daguerreobase
DEN4DEK: Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for DissEmination and Knowledge deployment
deployPROMIS: Process Oriented Integrated Quality Management Interactive Services and eTraining for SMEs
DIEGO: highly scalable Deployment model” of Inclusive E-GOverm
DISCOVER: Digital Inclusion Skills for Carers bringing Opportunities, Value and Excellence
Discovery: Digital Semantic Corpora for Virtual Research in Philosophy
DM2E: Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana
Dreaming: ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING
DTV4All: Digital Television for All
e-CODEX: e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange
E-NO FALLS: European Network fOr FALL Prevention, Intervention & Security E-NO FALLS.
e-SENS: Electronic Simple European Networked Services
E.L.F.: The European Location Framework
E3SoHo: E3SoHo- ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing
eAccess+: eACCESS+: the eAccessibility Network
EAGLE: Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy
EAST: EASY TO STOP-IT: Combined Safer Internet Italian Node
EASTIN-CL: Crosslingual and multimodal Search in a Portal for Support of Assisted Living
EAwareness: Europeana Awareness
eCloud: Europeana Cloud: Unlocking Europe’s Research via The Cloud
EDISON: Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks
EDLnet: European Digital Library Network
EdReNe: Educational Repositories Network
EduTubePlus: A European curriculum related video library and hybrid e-services for the pedagogical exploitation of video in class
eEnviPer: A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications
eENVplus: eEnvironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE
EFG: EFG - The European Film Gateway
EFG1914: EFG1914
EGN: EuroGeoNames - developing a European geographical names infrastructure and services
eGOS: eGOS. e-Guidance and e-Government Services
EGOV4U: E-Government for You
eGovMoNet: eGovernment Monitor Network
eHealth Innovation: eHealth Innovation - Scaling up eHealth facilitated personalised health services: Developing a European roadmap for sustained eHealth Innovation
EHR-Q-TN: Thematic Network on Quality and Certification of EHR systems
ELAN: Electronic learning and assistance network
eMARKS: electronic TradeMARK and Industrial Design Service
ENACSO: European Child Safety Online NGO Network
eNACSO II: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online II
eNACSO III: Promoting a safer online environment. NGO network for child protection on the internet
ENACSO IV: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online IV
EnergyTIC: Technology, Information and Communication services for engaging social housing residents in energy and water efficiency
ENGAGED: European Network Group for Ageing Well and its Deployment
ENRICH: European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage
ENUMERATE: ENUMERATE: A European Survey for Statistical Intelligence on Digitization, Digital Preservation and Online Access to Cultural Heritage
eParticipate ID: eParticipation Trans-European Network for Democratic Renewal and Citizen Engagement - Initial Deployment
EPIC: European Platform for Intelligent Cities
EPLACE: Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEn’s living labs
ePSIPlus: ePSIPlus: towards the 2008 review of the Directive on PSI re-use
epSOS: Smart Open Services - Open eHealth Initiative for a European Large Scale Pilot of Patient Summary and Electronic Prescription
eSDI-Net+: eSDI-Net+ European Network on Geographic Information Enrichment and Reuse
ESDIN: Underpinning the European Spatial Data Infrastructure with a Best Practice Network.
eSESH: Saving Energy in Social Housing with ICT
ETNA: European Thematic Network on Assistive Information and Communication Technologies
EU Kids Online II: EU Kids Online II: Enhancing knowledge regarding European children's use, risk and safety online
EU Kids Online III: Eu Kids Online III
EU NET ADB: EU NET ADB : Research on the intensity and prevalence of Internet addictive behaviour risk among minors in Europe
EU-LATITUDE: Quality online publishing services for tourism authorities in Europe
EuDML: The European Digital Mathematics Library
EUKidsOnline: European Research on Cultural, Contextual and Risk Issues in Children's Safe Use of the Internet and New Media
EURADIN: European Addresses Infrastructure
EURO-Photo: Disclosing the European Library on common visual historical heritage
EUROGENE: EUROGENE: the first pan-European learning service in the field of genetics
EUROGENE: An integrated high secure cross-border platform for preventative healthcare incorporating genetic and lifestyle analysis
EuroGeoSource: EU Information and Policy Support System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resources.
EuroMuse: EuroMuse.net
Europeana 1914-1918: Europeana 1914-1918: Remembering the First World War – a digital collection of outstanding sources from European national libraries
Europeana Creative: Europeana Creative
Europeana Fashion: Europeana Fashion
Europeana Libraries: Europeana Libraries: Aggregating digital content from Europe’s libraries
Europeana Newspapers: A Gateway to European Newspapers Online
EUROPEANA REGIA: Europeana Regia: a digital collaborative library of royal manuscripts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Europeana Sounds: Europeana Sounds
Europeana v1.0: Europeana v1.0
EuropeanaConnect: EuropeanaConnect
EuropeanaLocal: Making local and regional content accessible through the European Digital Library
EuropeanaPhotography: EUROPEAN Ancient PHOTOgraphic vintaGe repositoRies of digitAized Pictures of Historical qualitY
EuropeanaTravel: EuropeanaTravel
EuroPriSe: European Privacy Seal
EUscreen: EUscreen: Exploring Europe's television Heritage in Changing Contexts
EUscreenXL: EUscreenXL, the pan-European audiovisual aggregator for Europeana
Ev2: Europeana v2.0
eViP: Electronic Virtual Patient
eWater: Multilingual cross-border access to ground water databases
FATE: Fall Detector for the Elder
FiA: Finnish Internet Awareness
FISIC: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
FIVES: Forensic Image and Video Examination Support
FLaReNet: Fostering Language Resources Network
FLAVIUS: Foreign LAnguage Versions of Internet and User generated Sites
FORWARD: Framework for a EU-wide Audiovisual Orphan Works Registry
FREILOT: Urban Freight Energy Efficiency Pilot
GALATEAS: Generalized Analysis of Logs for Automatic Translation and Episodic Analysis of Searches
GAMA: Gateway to Archives of Media Art
GEN6: Governments ENabled with IPv6
GEOMIND: Geophysical Multilingual Internet-Driven Information Service
GIS4EU: Provision of interoperable datasets to open GI to the EU communities
GREEN@Hospital: web-based enerGy management system foR the optimization of the EnErgy coNsumption in Hospitals
GS Soil: Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata-Services for European Soil Data
GuideStar Europe: GuideStar Europe: a trans-national information system for European civil society
HABITATS: Social Validation of INSPIRE Annex III Data Structures in EU Habitats
HeERO: Harmonised eCall European Pilot
HeERO2: Harmonised eCall European Pilot - Phase 2
HLANDATA: Creation of value-added services based on Harmonized Land Use and Land Cover Datasets
HOME SWEET HOME: Health monitoring and sOcial integration environMEnt for Supporting WidE ExTension of independent life at HOME
HOPE: HOPE - Heritage of the People's Europe
HosPilot: Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals
Hotline Latvia: Latvian hotline "Making Internet in Latvia a safer place"
I-Dash: The Investigator's Dashboard
I-DONT-FALL: Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs
i-SCOPE: interoperable Smart City services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems
i-SeT: integrated Suite for e-Tourism
I2-Health: Interoperability Initiative for a European e-Health Area
iCars Network: intelligent Cars Thematic Network
ICE-WISH: Demonstrating through Intelligent Control (smart metering, wireless technology, cloud computing, and user-oriented display information), Energy and Water wastage reductions in European Social Housing
iCity: Linked Open Apps Ecosystem to open up innovation in smart cities
iCoP: Identifying and Catching Originators in P2P Networks
iCOPER: iCOPER - Interoperable Content for Performance in a Competency-driven Society
ICSE-VANGUARD: Child Abuse Search and Identification Systems
ICT 4 EVEU: ICT services for Electric Vehicle Enhancing the User experience
ICT21EE: European ICT network for energy efficiency
ICT4SMARTDG: Thematic Network on ICT solutions to enable Smart Distributed Generation
IES Cities: Internet Enabled Services for the Cities accross Europe
ILLUMINATE: SSL for illumination of city centres and exposition buildings
ImmigrationPolicy2.0: Participatory Immigration Policy Making and Harmonization based on Collaborative Web2.0 Technologies
In-Time: Intelligent and Efficient Travel Management for European Cities
inCASA: Integrated Network for Completely Assisted Senior citizen’s Autonomy
INDEPENDENT: ICT Enabled Service Integration for Independent Living
InGeoCloudS: INspired GEOdata CLOUD Services
INHOPE: Association of Internet Hotline Providers in Europe (INHOPE) as European Hotline Co-Ordinator
INHOPE VI: Association of Internet Hotline Providers in Europe (INHOPE) as European Hotline Co-Ordinator
INHOPE-INSAFE: Association of Internet Hotline Providers in Europe (INHOPE) as European Hotline Coordinator in partnership with Insafe European Schoolnet project
InLOT: In the Lab of Tomorrow
INNOVALL: INNOVation and creativity e-service for problem solving (using TRIZ methodologies) based on public information
Insafe 2.0: Insafe 2.0
INSAFE/INHOPE II (SI Net II): European coordination of Safer Internet Centres
Inspiring Science: Large Scale Experimentation Scenarios to Mainstream eLearning in Science, Mathematics and Technology in Primary and Secondary Schools
Intergeo: Intergeo - Interoperable Interactive Geometry for Europe
iSAC6+: A unique European Citizens' Attention Service
ISISEMD: Intelligent System for independent living and self-care of seniors with cognitive problems or mild dementia
iTranslate4: Internet Translators for all European Languages
JEM: Joining Educational Mathematics
JUDAICA Europeana: Jewish Urban Digital European Integrated Cultural Archive
KeyToNature: KeyToLife: interactive e-tools for learning and teaching biodiversity
LAPSI: Thematic Network on Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information
LAPSI 2.0: Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information 2.0
LED 4 ART: High quality and energy efficient LED illumination for art
LetsMT!: Platform for Online Sharing of Training Data and Building User Tailored MT
LIFE 2.0: LIFE 2.0: Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people
LiLa: Dissemination of Remote and Virtual Laboratories for Natural Sciences and Engineering
Linked Heritage: Linked Heritage - Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana
LIRICS: Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems
LISA Hotline Alert: Luxembourg Elisabeth Hotline Alert
LISE: Legal Language Interoperability Services
LITES: Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving
LiveCity: Live Video-to-Video Supporting Interactive City Infrastructure
LoCloud: Local content in a Europeana cloud
LongLastingMemories: Long Lasting Memories
M-CAST: Multilingual Content Aggregation System based on Trust Search Engine
MACE: Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe
MAP ': Mobile Adaptive Procedure (Initial Deployment phase)
MAPAP: Measurement and Analysis of P2P activity Against Paedophile content
Math-Bridge: European Remedial Content for Mathematics
Med-Isolae 3D: Mediterranean Islands 3D Aerial Navigation
mEducator: Multi-type Content Repurposing and Sharing in Medical Education
MELT: a Metadata Ecology for Learning and Teaching
META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Parts of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure
METANET4U: METANET4U - Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure
MICHAEL: Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe
MIMO: Musical Instrument Museums Online
MO-BIZZ: Fostering Mobile Business through Enhanced Cloud Solutions
MOBI.Europe: Integrated and Interoperable ICT Applications for Electro-Mobility in Europe
MobiCloud: Mobile Cloud for Business Applications
MOLECULES: Mobility based on eLectric Connected vehicles in Urban and interurban smart, cLean, EnvironmentS
MOMENTUM: European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice
MORMED: MORMED: Multilingual Organic Information Management in the Medical Domain
MultilingualWeb: Advancing the Multilingual Web, Thematic Network
My Neighbourhood: My Neighbourhood | My City
Myotel: Enhancing quality of care for people with neck shoulder complaints using a myofeedback based teletreatment service
MyUniversity: MyUniversity: Decision making for a united higher education
Natural Europe: Natural Europe: Natural History & Environmental Cultural Heritage in European Digital Libraries for Education
NATURE-SDI plus: Best Practice Network for SDI in Nature Conservation
NEEO: Network of European Economists Online
NESIS: A Network to enhance a European Environmental Shared and Interoperable Information System
NET-EUCEN: Network of European Stakeholders for Enhancing User Centricity in eGovernance
NET-SHARE: Network of ICT experienced organisations, sharing experiences, knowledge and supporting SMEs
NETC@RDS eEHIC ID ': NETC@RDS service for the electronification of the European Health Insurance Card, Phase B Initial Deployment
Netc@rds for eEHIC: Demonstrators of Smart Cards and Network Solutions for European Health Insurance Card Electronification.
NetChildrenGoMobile: NET CHILDREN GOING MOBILE - Enhancing knowledge regarding European children's mobile internet and convergent mobile media use, risks and online safety
NEXES: Supporting Healthier and Independent Living for Chronic Patients and Elderly
OAPEN: Open Access Publishing in European Networks
OASIS: Openly Accessible Services and Interacting Society
OneGeology-Europe: OneGeology-Europe
Open Cities: OPEN INNOVATION Mechanisms in Smart Cities
Open Discovery Space: Open Discovery Space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources
Open-DAI: Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures of European Public Administrations
OpenScienceLink: Open Semantically-enabled, Social-aware Access to Scientific Data
OpenScienceResources: Towards the Development of a Common Digital Repository for Formal and Informal Science Education
OpenScout: OpenScout: Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training
OpenUp!: Opening up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana
Organic.Edunet: Organic.Edunet: A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awareness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology
Organic.Lingua: Demonstrating the potential of a multilingual Web portal for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education
OurSpace: The Virtual Youth Space
PALANTE: PAtient Leading and mANaging their healThcare through EHealth
PARTAGE PLUS: Partage Plus – Digitising and Enabling Art Nouveau for Europeana
PARTERRE: Electronic Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development
PEER: Publishing and the Ecology of European Research
PEOPLE: Pilot smart urban Ecosystems leveraging Open innovation for Promoting and enabLing future E- services
PEP-NET: PEP-NET: Pan European E-Participation Network
PEPPOL: Pan European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL)
PERIPHERIA: Networked Smart Peripheral Cities for Sustainable Lifestyles
Plan4all: European Network of Best Practices for Interoperability of Spatial Planning Information
PLuTO: Patent Language Translations Online
POG: Understanding the process of online grooming: the behaviours of men who target young people online
POSCON: Thematic Network POSCON: Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe
PrivacyOS: European Privacy Open Space
ProFouND: Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination
PROMISLingua: PeRformance Operational and Multilingual Interactive Services to support Compliance for SMEs in Europe
PSI: Portuguese Safer Internet
PSIC: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
Puzzled by Policy: Puzzled by Policy
QUATRO: Quality Assurance and Content Description
QUATRO Plus: QUATRO Plus: Content Labels for User Empowerment
R-Bay: R-Bay; Creating an eMarketplace for the transfer of imaging related eHealth services in Europe
RACE networkRFID: RACE networkRFID: Raising Awareness and Competitiveness on RFID in Europe
RADICAL: RApid Deployment and adoption of sustainable socially-aware and intelligent sensing services for emerging smart cities
RDI: Rights Data Integration
ReAAL: make it ReAAL
REACH112: REsponding to All Citizens needing Help
RENEWING HEALTH: REgioNs of Europe WorkINg toGether for HEALTH
RFID-F2F: RFID from Farm to Fork
RFID-ROI-SME: Pilot RFID Deployments and ROI Studies for SME using Open Source Middleware and Tools
ROBERT: Risktaking Online Behaviour - Empowerment through Research and Training
Rural-Inclusion: Rural-Inclusion: e-Government Lowering Administrative Burdens for Rural Businesses
SABER: Satellite Broadband for European Regions
SAFE-SI: Safer Internet Programme in Slovenia
SAFE-SI 2: Awareness Node on promoting safer use of the Internet and new online technologies among young people in Slovenia
SafeChemo: ePrescription and Automation for a Safe Management of Cytostatics
SafenetCY: Island-wide Safer Internet Hotline in Cyprus
SafeNetHomePlus: Awareness campaign to promote and encourage positive & critical thinking, educating how to protect ourselves and our privacy on the Internet and new online technologies, aiming at SafeNet-everywhere
Safer Internet AT SIC: Safer Internet Austria: Stopline and Saferinternet.at
SAFER INTERNET BE AN-HL: Belgian Integrated Network Safer Internet
Safer Internet BE SIC: Belgian Safer Internet Centre
Safer Internet BG SIC: Safenet.bg: Completing set-up of an integrated national Safer Internet Centre by establishing a Helpline
SAFER INTERNET CY AN-HL-HELP: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline
Safer Internet CY SIC: Cyberethics GIII: Cyprus Safer Internet Center. Insland-wide services for Safer Internet Awareness, Helpline and Hotline
Safer Internet CZ SIC: Safer Internet Cz
Safer Internet DE SIC: Safer Internet Centre Germany
SAFER INTERNET DK AN-HL-HELP: Safer internet combined nodes denmark
Safer Internet DK SIC: Safer Internet Centre Denmark
Safer Internet EE SIC: Raising Awareness for Safer Usage of Internet in Estonia
Safer Internet EL SIC: Making online worlds safer places for children
Safer Internet ES SIC: PROTEGELES V - Spanish Safer Internet Centre
SAFER INTERNET FI AN-HL-HELP: Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety
Safer Internet FI SIC: Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety
SAFER INTERNET FR AN-HL-HELP: Internet Sans Crainte - AFA Point de Contact
Safer Internet FR SIC: Safer Internet France : Awareness campaign, Helpline, Hotline
SAFER INTERNET HU AN-HL-HELP: Combined node to tackle illegal conent and to promote a safer online environment in Hungary
Safer Internet HU SIC: Safer internet centre to continue tackling illegal content and promoting a safer online environment in Hungary
Safer Internet IE SIC: Safer Internet Ireland 2
SAFER INTERNET IS AN-HELP: Samfélag, fjölskylda og tækni (SAFT) / Community, family and technology
Safer Internet IS SIC: SAFT: Community, Family and Technology (SAmfélag, Fjölskylda og Tækni)
Safer Internet IT SIC: EASTIII:Easy to Stop-It
SAFER INTERNET LT: Lithuanian Awareness and Hotline Actions for Safer Internet
SAFER INTERNET LT AN-HL: Lithuanian Awareness and Hotline Actions for Safer Internet
Safer Internet LT SIC: Lithuanian Awareness, Hotline and Helpline Actions for Safer Internet
Safer Internet LU SIC: Luxembourg Safer Internet III
SAFER INTERNET LV AN-HL-HELP: Combined Safer Internet Node - Latvia
Safer Internet LV SIC: Latvian Safer Internet Centre - Awareness raising, Hotline and Helpline
Safer Internet MT SIC: Be Smart Online! - A Safer Internet Centre for Malta
SAFER INTERNET NL AN-HL: Consortium Awareness node Digibewust and Hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno
Safer Internet NL SIC: National Awareness Centre Digivaardig & Digibewust & Hotline Helpline Meldpunt
Safer Internet NO AC-HP: Norwegian Safer Internet Centre for awareness raising and helpline on safe use of Internet and other online technologies.
SAFER INTERNET NO AN: Norwegian Awareness Node for Safe Use of Online Technologies among Children and Youngsters.
Safer Internet PL SIC: Polish Safer Internet Centre
SAFER INTERNET PT AN-HL: Portuguese Safer Internet Plus
Safer Internet PT SIC: Safer internet centre with hotline and helpline
Safer Internet RO SIC: Romanian Safer Internet Centre
Safer Internet RU SIC: Development and maintenance of the Russian Safer Internet Centre as a member of European network of Safer Internet Centres
Safer Internet SE AC-HP: Safer Internet Centre Sweden
Safer Internet Serbia AN-HL: Safer internet centre with hotline
Safer Internet SI SIC: Safer Internet Centre Slovenia
Safer Internet SK SIC: Safer internet centre with hotline and helpline
SAFER INTERNET UK AN-HL-HELP: United Kingdom Safer Internet Plus Programme
Safer Net Norway: Safer Internet centre with helpline
Saferinternet AT AN-HL-HELP: Safer Internet Austria: Stopline and Saferinternet.at
Saferinternet BG AN-HL: Setting up combined SAFEr InterNET node in Bulgaria
Saferinternet DE AN-HL-HELP: SaferInternetwork Germany
Saferinternet DE SIC: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
Saferinternet DK AN: Awareness Node Denmark 3
Saferinternet DK HL: Red Barnet / Save the Children Denmark Hotline against child abuse images on the internet 3
Saferinternet ES AN-HL-HELP: PROTEGELES IV - Spanish combined awareness and hotline node
Saferinternet FR AN-HELP: Internet sans Crainte
Saferinternet FR HL: Integrated network:: Hotlines
Saferinternet GR AN-HL-HELP: Create public awareness and offer knowledge about how to use the Internet and other online technologies more safely
Saferinternet IE AN-HL-HELP: Safer Internet Ireland
Saferinternet IT AN-HL: EAST 2:EASY to STOP-IT
Saferinternet LU AN-HL-HELP: Luxembourg Safer Internet
Saferinternet NL AN: National Awareness Node Digibewust
Saferinternet PL AN-HL-HELP: Polish Safer Internet Combined Node
SaferInternet RO 3.0: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
Saferinternet RO AN-HL-HELP: SIGUR.INFO - Combined Safer Internet Romanian Node
Saferinternet SE AN-HELP: Awareness Node Sweden
Saferinternet SI AN-HL-HELP: SIP-SI: Combined Safer Internet Node for Slovenia
Saferinternet UK HL: Internet Watch Foundation
SEED: Speeding “Every European Digital”
SEESGEN-ICT: Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart Generation Grids through ICT
SEHGovIA: Supporting the European eHealth Governance Initiative and Action
SEMIRAMIS: Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
SHARE.TEC: SHAring digital REsources in the Teaching Education Community
SHOWE-IT: Real-life trial in Social Housing, of Water and Energy efficiency ICT services
SI Austria: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
SI HU3: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
SI SIC 2: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
SIAPI: Safer Internet Action Plan Iceland
SIC CY II: Cyberethics GIV - Cyprus Safer Internet Center. Island-wide services for Safer Internet Awareness, Helpline and Hotline
SIC CZ II: Safer Internet CZ
SIC DK II: Safer Internet Centre Denmark 3
SIC EE II: Smartly on the Web
SIC EL II: Safer Internet Centre Greece
SIC FR II: Safer Internet France: Awareness centre, Helpline, Hotline
SIC IS II: SAFT: Community, Family and Technology (SAmfélag, Fjölskylda og Tækni)
SIC Italy: Safer Internet Centre Italy
SIC LT II: Lithuanian Awareness, Hotline and Helpline Actions for Safer Internet
SIC LV II: Latvian Safer Internet Centre - Awareness raising, Hotline and Helpline
SIC MT II: BeSmartOnline! A Safer Internet Centre for Malta
SIC Netherlands: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
SIC NL II: Safer Internet Centre Netherlands: National Awareness Centre Digivaardig & Digibewust and Hotline Helpline Meldpunt Kinderporno
SIC PT II: Portuguese Safer Internet Centre II
SIC RU II: Maintaining operation of Safer Internet Centre in Russia as a member of integrated European network of Safer Internet Centres
SIC SE II: Safer Internet Centre Sweden
SIC SK II: Slovak Safer Internet Centre II
SIC UK II: UK Safer Internet Centre
SII - 3: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
Smart Build: Implementing smart ICT concepts for energy efficiency in public buildings
SMART CAMPUS: SMART CAMPUS - Building-User Learning Interaction for Energy Efficiency
SMART-ISLANDS: SMART-ISLANDS: 3D Smart Webservices for Mediterranean Islands
SmartCare: Joining up ICT and service processes for quality integrated care in Europe
smartCEM: Smart Connected Electro Mobility
SMARTiP: Smart Metropolitan Areas Realised Through Innovation & People - SMARTiP
SMARTSPACES: Saving Energy in Europe's Public Buildings Using ICT
SOCIABLE: Motivating platform for elderly networking, mental reinforcement and social interaction
Social Village: Single European Access to Social Welfare for Disadvantaged Citizens in Mobility
SocialWeb-SocialWork: Testing training programmes for professionals working with children at risk
Spain SIC: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
SPECIFI: Smart Platforms Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet
Spirto: Self-Produced Images - Risk Taking Online
SPOCS: Simple Procedures Online for Crossborder Services
SSEDIC: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community
STERNA: Semantic Web-based Thematic European Reference Network Application
STORK: Secure Identity Across Borders Linked
STORK 2.0: Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0
SUMAT: SUMAT: An Online Service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation
SUNSHINE: Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency
SUSTAINS: Support USers To Access INformation and Services
TEDS4BEE: Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency
TELL-ME: TransEuropean Living Labs for an iMproved E-participation
TELplus: The European Library Plus
TEN4Health: Trans-European healthcare support network for Europe's mobile citizen
ThermoMap: Area mapping of superficial geothermic resources by soil and groundwater data
thinkMOTION: Digital Mechanism and Gear Library goes Europeana
TISP: Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing
TV-RING: Television Ring - Testbeds for Connected TV services using HbbTV
United4Health: UNIversal solutions in TElemedicine Deployment for European HEALTH care
VARIAZIONI: Collaborative Authoring of Localized Cultural Heritage Contents over the Next Generation of Mashup Web Services
VERYSchool: Valuable EneRgY for a smart School
VILLAGE: Pan-European Service Initial Deployment for Cooperative Organisation of SME in Customer Relationship Management
VOA3R: Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository: Sharing Scientific and Scholarly Research related to Agriculture, Food, and Environment.
WebALT: Multilingual Content Services created by as yet non-deployed Machine Translation Components
WESIGN: WESIGN aims to increase access of SMEs to applications (B2B or B2G) relying on the use of secure certifcates.
YPRT: Youth Protection Roundtable

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The projects displayed are funded by the Information Society and Media DG. More projects will be added in the future including those from the Sixth and Seventh Framework programmes.
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