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Projects :: ITALY

Projects from ITALY


I-DONT-FALL: Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs
eGOS: eGOS. e-Guidance and e-Government Services
Dreaming: ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING
CEMSDI: Civil-servants Empowerment for Multi-media Service Delivery ICT-enabled
inCASA: Integrated Network for Completely Assisted Senior citizen’s Autonomy
REACH112: REsponding to All Citizens needing Help
MICHAEL: Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe
eNACSO III: Promoting a safer online environment. NGO network for child protection on the internet
Open-DAI: Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures of European Public Administrations
i-SCOPE: interoperable Smart City services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems
SABER: Satellite Broadband for European Regions
ASSETS: Advanced Search Services and Enhanced Technological Solutions for the European Digital Library
SUNSHINE: Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency
eENVplus: eEnvironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE
LAPSI: Thematic Network on Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information
Linked Heritage: Linked Heritage - Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana
Safer Internet IT SIC: EASTIII:Easy to Stop-It
ARROW Plus: European Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works
NATURE-SDI plus: Best Practice Network for SDI in Nature Conservation
VERYSchool: Valuable EneRgY for a smart School
NESIS: A Network to enhance a European Environmental Shared and Interoperable Information System
ETNA: European Thematic Network on Assistive Information and Communication Technologies
Saferinternet IT AN-HL: EAST 2:EASY to STOP-IT
FLaReNet: Fostering Language Resources Network
GIS4EU: Provision of interoperable datasets to open GI to the EU communities
ADD ME!: ADD ME! - Activating Drivers for Digital eMpowerment in Europe
SEESGEN-ICT: Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart Generation Grids through ICT
ARROW: Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works towards Europeana
EUROGENE: EUROGENE: the first pan-European learning service in the field of genetics
ATHENA: Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe
CLEAR: Clinical Leading Environment for the Assessment and validation of Rehabilitation Protocols for home care
CO-LLABS: Thematic Network for Community based Living Labs to Enhance SMEs Innovation
3D-ICONS: 3D Digitisation of Icons of European Architectural and Archaeological Heritage
AthenaPlus: Access to cultural heritage networks for Europeana
BRISEIDE: BRIdging SErvices, Information and Data for Europe
Caselex: CASE Law EXchange
COMMUNIA: The European Thematic Network on the Public Domain in the Digital Age
COSMO: Cooperative Systems for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency
CROSS: Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies
deployPROMIS: Process Oriented Integrated Quality Management Interactive Services and eTraining for SMEs
EAGLE: Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy
EAST: EASY TO STOP-IT: Combined Safer Internet Italian Node
EDISON: Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks
ENACSO IV: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online IV
EURO-Photo: Disclosing the European Library on common visual historical heritage
Europeana Fashion: Europeana Fashion
EuropeanaPhotography: EUROPEAN Ancient PHOTOgraphic vintaGe repositoRies of digitAized Pictures of Historical qualitY
GREEN@Hospital: web-based enerGy management system foR the optimization of the EnErgy coNsumption in Hospitals
ICE-WISH: Demonstrating through Intelligent Control (smart metering, wireless technology, cloud computing, and user-oriented display information), Energy and Water wastage reductions in European Social Housing
ILLUMINATE: SSL for illumination of city centres and exposition buildings
KeyToNature: KeyToLife: interactive e-tools for learning and teaching biodiversity
MAP ': Mobile Adaptive Procedure (Initial Deployment phase)
NET-EUCEN: Network of European Stakeholders for Enhancing User Centricity in eGovernance
NetChildrenGoMobile: NET CHILDREN GOING MOBILE - Enhancing knowledge regarding European children's mobile internet and convergent mobile media use, risks and online safety
PARTERRE: Electronic Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development
RENEWING HEALTH: REgioNs of Europe WorkINg toGether for HEALTH
SHARE.TEC: SHAring digital REsources in the Teaching Education Community
SIC Italy: Safer Internet Centre Italy
SmartCare: Joining up ICT and service processes for quality integrated care in Europe
Social Village: Single European Access to Social Welfare for Disadvantaged Citizens in Mobility
SSEDIC: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community
TISP: Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing

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