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Projects :: SPAIN :: The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme

The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme projects from SPAIN

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3e-Houses: Energy Efficient e-Houses
APSIS4all: Accessible Personalised Services In PDTS for all
ATIS4all: Assistive Technologies and Inclusive Solutions for All
BEST Energy: Built Environment Sustainability and Technology in Energy
Bridge IT: Thematic Network ICT for social integration and cultural diversity
CAALYX-MV: Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment – Market Validation
Commons4EU: Commons for Europe
DEN4DEK: Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for DissEmination and Knowledge deployment
DIEGO: highly scalable Deployment model” of Inclusive E-GOverm
E-NO FALLS: European Network fOr FALL Prevention, Intervention & Security E-NO FALLS.
E3SoHo: E3SoHo- ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing
EPLACE: Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEn’s living labs
FATE: Fall Detector for the Elder
HABITATS: Social Validation of INSPIRE Annex III Data Structures in EU Habitats
HLANDATA: Creation of value-added services based on Harmonized Land Use and Land Cover Datasets
iCity: Linked Open Apps Ecosystem to open up innovation in smart cities
ICT 4 EVEU: ICT services for Electric Vehicle Enhancing the User experience
IES Cities: Internet Enabled Services for the Cities accross Europe
ImmigrationPolicy2.0: Participatory Immigration Policy Making and Harmonization based on Collaborative Web2.0 Technologies
iSAC6+: A unique European Citizens' Attention Service
MOLECULES: Mobility based on eLectric Connected vehicles in Urban and interurban smart, cLean, EnvironmentS
NEXES: Supporting Healthier and Independent Living for Chronic Patients and Elderly
Open Cities: OPEN INNOVATION Mechanisms in Smart Cities
Organic.Lingua: Demonstrating the potential of a multilingual Web portal for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education
PALANTE: PAtient Leading and mANaging their healThcare through EHealth
PEOPLE: Pilot smart urban Ecosystems leveraging Open innovation for Promoting and enabLing future E- services
PROMISLingua: PeRformance Operational and Multilingual Interactive Services to support Compliance for SMEs in Europe
RADICAL: RApid Deployment and adoption of sustainable socially-aware and intelligent sensing services for emerging smart cities
Rural-Inclusion: Rural-Inclusion: e-Government Lowering Administrative Burdens for Rural Businesses
SEED: Speeding “Every European Digital”
SEMIRAMIS: Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
smartCEM: Smart Connected Electro Mobility
STORK: Secure Identity Across Borders Linked
STORK 2.0: Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0
SUMAT: SUMAT: An Online Service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation
TEDS4BEE: Test of Digital Services for Buildings Energy Efficiency
TV-RING: Television Ring - Testbeds for Connected TV services using HbbTV
VOA3R: Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository: Sharing Scientific and Scholarly Research related to Agriculture, Food, and Environment.


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