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Projects :: DENMARK

Projects from DENMARK


ISISEMD: Intelligent System for independent living and self-care of seniors with cognitive problems or mild dementia
eNACSO II: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online II
Safer Internet DK SIC: Safer Internet Centre Denmark
ENACSO: European Child Safety Online NGO Network
SAFER INTERNET DK AN-HL-HELP: Safer internet combined nodes denmark
EdReNe: Educational Repositories Network
Saferinternet DK HL: Red Barnet / Save the Children Denmark Hotline against child abuse images on the internet 3
Saferinternet DK AN: Awareness Node Denmark 3
ANTILOPE: ANTILOPE - Adoption and take up of standards and profiles for eHealth Interoperability
Better Breathing: Better Breathing; A new model for continuous care of chronic patients - eCare, eRehabilitation, ePatient Community and eLearning for patients with breathing handicaps
CARARE: Connecting ARchaeology and ARchitecture in Europeana
LIFE 2.0: LIFE 2.0: Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people
R-Bay: R-Bay; Creating an eMarketplace for the transfer of imaging related eHealth services in Europe
SIC DK II: Safer Internet Centre Denmark 3

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