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Projects :: GERMANY

Projects from GERMANY


CommonWell: Common Platform Services for Ageing Well in Europe CommonWell
INDEPENDENT: ICT Enabled Service Integration for Independent Living
ReAAL: make it ReAAL
EGN: EuroGeoNames - developing a European geographical names infrastructure and services
eSESH: Saving Energy in Social Housing with ICT
ThermoMap: Area mapping of superficial geothermic resources by soil and groundwater data
EFG1914: EFG1914
Europeana 1914-1918: Europeana 1914-1918: Remembering the First World War – a digital collection of outstanding sources from European national libraries
OpenUp!: Opening up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana
DM2E: Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana
SMARTSPACES: Saving Energy in Europe's Public Buildings Using ICT
e-CODEX: e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange
EASTIN-CL: Crosslingual and multimodal Search in a Portal for Support of Assisted Living
I2-Health: Interoperability Initiative for a European e-Health Area
Safer Internet DE SIC: Safer Internet Centre Germany
Saferinternet DE AN-HL-HELP: SaferInternetwork Germany
JUDAICA Europeana: Jewish Urban Digital European Integrated Cultural Archive
eSDI-Net+: eSDI-Net+ European Network on Geographic Information Enrichment and Reuse
GS Soil: Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata-Services for European Soil Data
Math-Bridge: European Remedial Content for Mathematics
BHL-Europe: Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe
GAMA: Gateway to Archives of Media Art
LiLa: Dissemination of Remote and Virtual Laboratories for Natural Sciences and Engineering
EFG: EFG - The European Film Gateway
Intergeo: Intergeo - Interoperable Interactive Geometry for Europe
PEP-NET: PEP-NET: Pan European E-Participation Network
YPRT: Youth Protection Roundtable
MACE: Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe
PrivacyOS: European Privacy Open Space
ACDC: Advanced Cyber Defence Centre
BECA: Balanced European Conservation Approach – ICT services for resource saving in social housing
CIDRE: Citizen-Friendly Trans-European mGovernment Services
e-SENS: Electronic Simple European Networked Services
ELAN: Electronic learning and assistance network
EU-LATITUDE: Quality online publishing services for tourism authorities in Europe
EuroMuse: EuroMuse.net
Europeana Newspapers: A Gateway to European Newspapers Online
EuroPriSe: European Privacy Seal
GEN6: Governments ENabled with IPv6
LED 4 ART: High quality and energy efficient LED illumination for art
OpenScienceLink: Open Semantically-enabled, Social-aware Access to Scientific Data
POSCON: Thematic Network POSCON: Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe
SafeChemo: ePrescription and Automation for a Safe Management of Cytostatics
Saferinternet DE SIC: Safer Internet centre with hotline and helpline
Smart Build: Implementing smart ICT concepts for energy efficiency in public buildings
SocialWeb-SocialWork: Testing training programmes for professionals working with children at risk
TEN4Health: Trans-European healthcare support network for Europe's mobile citizen
thinkMOTION: Digital Mechanism and Gear Library goes Europeana
VILLAGE: Pan-European Service Initial Deployment for Cooperative Organisation of SME in Customer Relationship Management

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