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Trygg Bruk

SAFER INTERNET NO AN: Norwegian Awareness Node for Safe Use of Online Technologies among Children and Youngsters.

The project will inform and make the public aware of issues related to safe use of interactive digital media among children and youngsters.

The NONOsafe project will elaborate on the earlier work by SAFT and NONO/NONOplus to inform and make the public aware issues related to safe use of interactive digital media among children and youngster. With support from EU Safer Internet plus programme the former projects (NONO/NONOplus) have been highly successful in gaining attention and reference among the teachers, pupils, media, politicians, industry and NGOs in Norway.

The NONOsafe project will act as the national awareness network node in Norway and collaborate with industry, governmental bodies and NGOs to reach a high level of awareness on safe use issues among children, parents, teacher and carers concerning interactive digital medias like Internet, mobile phones and computer games.

The awareness-raising in the new NONOsafe project will be based on facts from the new Safe Use survey conducted in January 2008 that shows that the main challenge for young people in Norway today is their unauthorized distribution of pictures and videos of peers via Internet and mobile phones. More than 1 out of 5 among the age group 8 to 18 years has experienced this problem. This problem has to be addressed through different means spanning from online material and quizzes, brochures and media attention to text books used at primary schools.

In addition the applicant organisation Norwegian Media Authority will use its youth panel even more active in the new NONOsafe project to let the children express their own experiences and concerns regarding online technologies. The NONOsafe project will also collaborate with the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) in Norway to make it easier to report illegal material on Internet.

The NONOsafe project will extend its collaboration with the European network of awareness nodes and try to conduct more European wide activities in addition to Safer Internet Day. Some of these activities can be similar to the collaboration between Denmark, Norway and Sweden in participating at the same day talking to children about online safety issues in the social MMO-game Habbo Hotel.

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Nygata 4
1607 Fredrikstad
Tel. 47 69301200
Fax. 47 69301201



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Last update: 16/11/2010

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