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Projects :: Safer Internet ES SIC

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Safer Internet ES SIC: PROTEGELES V - Spanish Safer Internet Centre

Saferinternet ES SIC: PROTEGELES V - Spanish Safer Internet Centre

The main objectives of the PROTEGELES V Project are to act as the SAFER INTERNET CENTRE in Spain and to collaborate with other actions under the Safer Internet Programme. For that, PROTEGELES presents a single partner consortium where the organization will carry out all of the actions and activities related to awareness raising, hotline and helpline work. This contributes to a more efficient Project and grants our organization stronger impact. PROTEGELES will address the issues around children’s use of interactive technologies, its benefits and risks, especially those risks associated with illegal and harmful content, harmful conduct and contact. This Project will give continuity while enhancing the work that has been carried out by PROTEGELES during the PROTEGELES, PROTEGELES II, PROTEGELES III, PROTEGELES IV, Safenet and Safenet II Projects (all financed by the EC under this Programme). In addition, PROTEGELES will continue to count with the support of the most relevant Spanish social agents, members of our Advisory Board. With this Project PROTEGELES continues contributing to the consolidation and further development of the European networks of Safer Internet Centres as well as the NGO Network for child protection through the exchange of experience, expertise, materials and information. As a result, this Project will contribute to the promotion of a safer use of the Internet and other communication technologies, through the education of users (especially children, parents and careers) and to the fight against illegal content and harmful conduct online.

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ROTTA Ana luiza
C/echegaray n°8 Edif.3 parque Empresarial alvia



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Last update: 04/05/2012

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