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Safer Internet UK AC-HL: Safe to Go

Safer Internet UK AC-HL - UK Safer Internet Centre

 The UK Safer Internet Centre has been formed by a partnership of three leading organisations, Childnet International, the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).
Collectively, the organisations have operated for 38 years in online safety; all working to make the internet a better environment, mirroring the conclusions of Professor Tanya Byron in her report to UK Government, by reducing availability (of illegal content), restricting access (where appropriate) and increasing resilience (through education, awareness and empowerment).
UK Awareness Centre : Childnet International and SWGfL
Childnet (www.childnet.com) is a children’s charity, established in 1995, with the mission to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. It works in the area of policy, and is a UKCCIS member and is on Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board for example, and also in the area of Education. 
Childnet has a number of key roles in the new Safer Internet Centre to include organising Safer Internet Day in the UK, alongside developing a suite of new resources.  These resources will include information for parents on Games and Gaming, a technology briefing for parents, resources for teaching at Foundation stage, resources for older teenagers, and conversation starters for parents.
The South West Grid for Learning (www.swgfl.org.uk)  is a not for profit, charitable trust company, funded by 15 Local Authorities across the South West of England, which provides schools and educational establishments throughout the South West of England with safe broadband internet connectivity and broadband-enabled learning resources while also offering  professionals, parents and children with advice, resources and support in using the internet safely across the wider UK. 
SWGfL is contributing to the Awareness Centre, specifically by extending 360 degree safe (online e safety self review tool, www.360safe.org.uk) and e Safety Live (a round of ground breaking conference and seminar programmes www.esafetylive.com). To complement these, SWGfL will be offering EPICT e safety CPD certification opportunities for professionals across the nation.
UK Helpline: SWGfL
 As well as coordinating and contributing to the Awareness centre, SWGfL will also be piloting an entirely new online safety helpline for professionals.  The helpline will offer support, advice and mediation directly to where it is needed to become a real lifeline for any South West (UK) professionals and volunteers working with children.
UK Hotline: The Internet Watch Foundation:
IWF operates the UK Hotline for reporting and removing illegal online content specifically, child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world and criminally obscene and incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK. IWF is an independent self-regulatory body, funded by the EU and the wider online sector, who work in partnership with industry, law enforcement, government, the education sector, charities, international partners and the public.
As a result of this approach, illegal content within our remit has been virtually eradicated from UK networks. IWF strives to create continued awareness of the role and purpose of the IWF and aim to foster trust and reassurance in the internet for current and future users. IWF is a member of INHOPE. www.iwf.org.uk 


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Belvedere House, Woodwater Park, Pynes Hill
EX2 5WS Exeter
United Kingdom
Tel. 07899 905387
Fax. 01392 366494



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Last update: 26/01/2012

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