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The review of the Roaming Regulation

The Digital Agenda for Europe defines roaming as one of the ‘Key Performance Targets’ for attaining the Digital Single Market. More precisely, the target is that ‘the difference between roaming and national tariffs would approach zero by 2015’. This target will be achieved if competition in mobile markets gives consumers the rapid and easy choice of a roaming service at, or close to, a relevant competitive domestic price level.

The 2009 Roaming Regulation is expiring on 30 June 2012. After having conducted a thorough review, the Commission found that the roaming market is not yet competitive enough. The cost of using mobile phones or other devices when abroad in the EU has continuously fallen since the adoption of the first roaming rules in 2007. However, most operators still propose retail prices that remain around the maximum legal caps. Stronger competition on the EU roaming market would provide better choice and better rates to consumers.

For this reason the Commission proposed to extend the Roaming Regulation until 30 June 2022. The Commission has also proposed new measures to increase competition and encourage operators to offer attractive consumer deals.

These proposals are accompanied by a report which analysing the impact of the EU's first roaming rules introduced in 2007 and 2009, on the basis of the results of an impact assessment and a public consultation.




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