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More transparency and cheaper roaming prices for EU citizens

The EU Roaming regulation was adopted in 2007 and introduced caps on roaming prices ("Eurotariff") and imposed certain information obligations on operators, ensuring that mobile phone subscribers pay affordable and transparent roaming prices when they are travelling across the EU. The Eurotariff set maximum prices for phone calls made and received while abroad. These maximum prices apply to all consumers unless they opted for special packages offered by operators. In July 2009, revised rules were adopted that cut voice calls roaming prices further and introduced new caps on SMS tariffs ("Euro SMS tariff"). In addition, as of 1 July 2010, consumers are protected by an automatic safeguard against data roaming bill shocks. The new roaming regulation will apply from July 2012.

Main provisions of the current Roaming regulation:

Eurotariff maximum roaming charge per minute in Euros (without VAT)

Eurotariff maximum price while abroad

Making a call

Receiving a call

Sending an SMS

Receiving an SMS

Mobile Internet

Summer 2009

43 cents

19 cents

11 cents free -
Summer 2010 39 cents 15 cents 11 cents free -
Summer 2011 35 cents 11 cents 11 cents free -
Summer 2012 29 cents 8 cents 9 cents free 70 cents/MB*

*The tariff is in cents per Megabyte to download data or browse the Internet whilst travelling abroad (charged per Kilobyte used).

These price caps are the maximum permissible prices. Operators are free to offer cheaper rates: be on the lookout for better deals!

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