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This is the intropara. Please read the following carefully before replacing it with your own content. Note that this is the full model site.

Dear publisher,

The full model site is conceived for web sites having individual LHS menus for each page and RHS columns not only in the home page.

For this reason, the template will contain more files, and the default class attribute of the body tag of the index_en.htm page does not content either the noright or the nomenu keywords. The class attribute of the body tag is found via the "Style..." button in the Page Properties in Front Page.

Image from video
The width of the image should be added to the picture-box div tag.

The files in the full model site are:



Please use this template to prepare your web page and follow the guidelines below to be sure that it will always display well with any presentation from the current set (standard, table based for old browsers, single column, printer-friendly) or from any which might be developed in the future.

Do not use fonts, indentation, colours, underline or any other formatting except, when necessary italics and bold.

Only use tags that reflect the structure of the document, as headings (h1, h2, etc...), ordered or unordered lists, links of course...

Use the pretitle style class (once) for the first line PRECEDING the title (ideally structured like a sort of breadcrumb line).

Use heading 1 (h1) for the page title.

Use the intropara style class (once) for the first paragraph only if it can be considered as a sort of abstract for the page.

A quotebox quotes an important sentence from the following paragraph

Use the quotebox style class as many times as necessary for texts that should appear in small boxes to the right of the following paragraph, and who should, generally, quote an important sentence extracted from the paragraph himself. Do not use quoteboxes before a heading at any level. Use it before the first paragraph of the corresponding section instead.

If you must copy text from an existing document (e.g. in Word, or an email), but also if it comes from an existing web site, be sure to FIRST paste it into a simple plain text editor (notepad) to remove all formatting. Then copy from this editor into your page.

Box to highlight information

List of items here:

If you don't follow the above guidelines your page will display unpredictably when visited with any of the the different present AND FUTURE presentations offered by this web site.

Happy publishing,

The Web Team

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