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Who can participate

The programme is open to all legal entities established in the EU Member States and associated countries to the ICT Policy Support programme.


FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) is going to join ICT PSP.  The MoU is under final ratification.  Organisations from FYROM would then be eligible for ICT PSP funding in 2012.

Associated Countries

Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro are associated countries to the ICT PSP. Organisations from those countries can be financed by the programme.

Other Countries

A proposal may include the participation of organisations from countries other than EU Member States or ICT PSP Associated countries.  Their participation in the project is conditional on Commission agreement at the negotiation stage.  They do not contribute to the minimum numbers of legal entities required as an eligibility condition for the type of project concerned, and they do not receive funding.


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