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Personal Details
Gender*: Female
First Name*: Yvonne
Last Name*: BIGNELL
Username*: ybignell
E-mail at work*:
Nationality*: UNITED KINGDOM
Main Theme you
are interested in:
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Street Address (professional)
Wirral Metropolitan College Organisation Type: Public Commercial Organisation
Street: Conway Park Campus, Europa Boulevard.
Zip Code: CH41 4NT City: Birkenhead

Phone Numbers (professional)
Tel: +44 (0)151551 7544
Fax: +44 (0)151 551 7130

eTEN Partner Information
Organisation's Activity*: - Research and Education instit.
Previous Participation
in an eTEN or EU project:
Yes ADAPT - E-Learning materials and systems with other colleges on merseyside and partners in Germany. Leonardo - mobility projects and learning development. Several ESF Ob1 projects
Project Focus*: Development of e-Gov and E-learning materials to increase access to education for those in low skilled or payed jobs and for those excluded by other things from either education or access to government services.
Project URL:

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