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Personal Details
Gender*: Male
First Name*: Neophytos
Username*: neophytos
E-mail at work*:
Nationality*: CYPRUS
Main Theme you
are interested in:
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Street Address (professional)
TX Software, Inc. Organisation Type: Private Commercial Organisation
Department: Computer Science
Job Title: Senior architect
Street: 5A Atlantos
Zip Code: 6036 City: Larnaca
Country: CYPRUS

Phone Numbers (professional)
Tel: +357 99320299

eTEN Partner Information
Organisation's Activity*: - Consulting, contracting
- IT industry
- National, local government
- Other
- Value added info services
Previous Participation
in an eTEN or EU project:
Project Type: Support action
Project Focus*: The goal of DPS ( Distributed process scheduler) is to provide an open standard cross platform framework and system that any company or government agency can use without having to pay royalties on any technology. The goal of its framework SDK is to enforce usage of common well tested services that can save tremendous amount of effort, save significant cost on the development of new systems and at most provide uniform standards across the enterprise. Since DPS is another enterprise system, it will also be developed using this framework
Project URL:

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