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Personal Details
Gender*: Male
First Name*: Martin
Last Name*: TAX
Username*: mtax
E-mail at work*:
Nationality*: CZECH REPUBLIC
Main Theme you
are interested in:
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Street Address (professional)
DELTAX Systems a.s. Organisation Type: Private Commercial Organisation
Job Title: CEO
Street: Osadni 12A
Zip Code: 17000 City: Prague 7

Phone Numbers (professional)
Tel: +420251029221
Fax: +420251029222

eTEN Partner Information
Organisation's Activity*: - IT industry
- Research and Education instit.
- Value added info services
Previous Participation
in an eTEN or EU project:
Project Type: Initial deployment
Project Focus*: General (multilingual) metadata content platform / knowledge base development (and implementation) for multilingual internet search engines, semantic web, portals, intranet, extranet, government registries and agendas
Project URL:

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