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Personal Details
Gender*: Male
First Name*: Jose Andres
Username*: andrescoca
E-mail at work*:
Nationality*: UNITED KINGDOM
Main Theme you
are interested in:
Services supporting SMEs
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Street Address (professional)
Retail Academy Organisation Type: Private Commercial Organisation
Job Title: Transnational Manager
Street: 37a Micklegate
Zip Code: YO1 6JH City: York

Phone Numbers (professional)
Tel: +44 1904 659465
Fax: +44 1904 466081

eTEN Partner Information
Organisation's Activity*: - IT industry
- Other
Previous Participation
in an eTEN or EU project:
Have participated in EQUAL programme (European Social Fund) and Leonardo da Vinci projects.
Project Type: Market validation
Project Focus*: To provide information support services, online productivity tools and e-learning for SME retailers across Europe through a consortium of organisations across the supply chain which may include universities, colleges, retail trade associations and other training bodies. The overall strategic goal is to preserve the viability of small and medium-sized independent retailers in the face of global competitive threats from large supermarket chains and other multiple retailers.
Project URL:

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