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For decades we have been told that weapons and military spending would lead to more security and stability. However, none of the major conflicts of the last decades have been solved through military means. The military interventions in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq were disasters which have only made matters worse. Rather than repeating the mistakes of the past, the EU should come up with innovative and courageous solutions in tackling the root causes of conflicts and drastically increase its support to peaceful ways of resolving them.

The EU has a critical role to play to confront the major challenges we face, but these problems will not be solved by investing more in weapons. On the contrary, higher military expenditure means less money to tackle these challenges in a peaceful and sustainable way.

The arms industry is unlike any other as it profits from selling weaponry worldwide. It should not receive funding from the European budget. The EU Defence Fund and this proposal in particular are initiatives that favour arms companies, including their capacity to export sophisticated weaponry to non-EU countries. This not the EU I want!

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