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Regulatory measure on energy labelling requirements for computers and computer servers

Directorate-General for Energy
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9 February 2018 - 9 March 2018
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Recent feedback

  • iFixit (Germany)
    12 February 2018 Company/business organisation

    iFixit (Germany)

    The inception impact assessment document provides a very good introduction to the topic, and we are very supportive of most of the statements made. The best policy option for consumers and the environment is indeed option 3. We would like to insist on three key points: 1/ Ecodesign requirements should be pursued, but thoroughly revised and reinforced to better reflect current technologies and practices. - Measuring computers in a more active...

  • Anonymous (Italy)
    10 Febbraio 2018 EU citizen

    Anonymous (Italy)

    Ritengo che si dovrebbe indicare quanto consumano allora sia in condizioni di massima attività che quando sono in stand by. l'Europa dovrebbe stabile dei criteri oggettivi per verificare il consumo in modo da aiutare il consumatore nella scelta consapevole. Si potrebbe utilizzare un sistema come quello delle classi energetiche per gli elettrodomestici anche se andrebbe adattato a questo ulitizzo.

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