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Commission Communication Towards an EU Product Policy Framework contributing to the Circular Economy

Directorate-General for Environment
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7 May 2018 - 4 June 2018
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Recent feedback

  • Legambiente (Italy)
    26 May 2018 Environmental organisation

    Legambiente (Italy)

    Products and services must be designed from the start to enhance circularity. It's the design stage that counts the most when creating the environmental impact, and it is at that stage that most of the effort must be done to improve European policy on circularity. The experience of being forced to change your smartphone or pc because of planned obsolescence is now part of the life of most European citizens: it is clear to everyone that an...

  • Peter Thorns (United Kingdom)
    25 May 2018 EU citizen

    Peter Thorns (United Kingdom)

    The circular economy removes waste, every component can be reused or recycled. This is a good aim but in some cases needs deeper consideration. Considering lighting, for a typical office luminaire 50,000 hours life equates to about 20 years (based on annual burning house of 2500 hours, EN 15193:2017). So how much internal servicing will it need and of its component parts how many will be useful after 20 years of use and further technological...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    25 May 2018 Public authority

    Anonymous (Germany)

    I highly welcome the aims and the direction of this initiative! The Circular Economy Action Plan meant already a lot of movement towards more circular economy. But it remained basically quite conservative. Circular Economy means to consider the whole product chain. Circular Economy can only work if producers communicate from the beginning of the product design with all other stakeholders in the product chain. This communication doesn’t yet...

  • ZERO - Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável (Portugal)
    25 May 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

    ZERO - Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável (Portugal)

    - ‘Products & services’ are the entry point for material loops: 80% of environmental impacts are determined at design stage and if injecting single use & toxic materials through products we spoil the whole potential for circularity. It is no brainer that products and services need to be better designed for circularity. It’s impossible to make a good recipe with rotten ingredients. - Together with their potential for resources...

  • Verband der TÜV e.V. (Germany)
    24 May 2018 Business association

    Verband der TÜV e.V. (Germany)

    The economic system and its environment are changing continuously. Against this background, the regulatory framework for the European Single Market – a key factor for European integration, must regularly be put to the test. In this sense the Federation of TÜV (VdTÜV) welcomes the European Commission's plan for an initiative „Towards an EU Product Policy Framework contributing to the Circular Economy“. However, a mere development towards more...

  • Consuprint (Spain)
    18 May 2018 Company/business organisation

    Consuprint (Spain)

    See tatached file about the damage the razo0r qand blades model is doing in printing industry

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