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Council Recommendation on strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases

Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety
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4 December 2017 - 1 January 2018
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  • Comitato Liberazione Nazioale Veneto (Italy)
    1 Gennaio 2018 Public authority
    Comitato Liberazione Nazioale Veneto (Italy)

    This feedback was removed either at the request of the author or because it did not comply with the European Commission's rules for publishing feedback and suggestions.

  • Miranda Zuchowska (Sweden)
    1 januari 2018 EU citizen
    Miranda Zuchowska (Sweden)

    Enligt de mänskliga rättigheterna har varje människa rätt att bestämma över sin egen kropp vilket innefattar medicinering. Vårdnadshavare bestämmer över sina minderåriga barn, inte staten. Vaccin innebär risker som finns listade på bipacksedlarna. Ingen kan garantera att ett barn som vaccineras inte får någon biverkning. Läkemedelsbolagen tar heller inget ansvar för biverkningar. Tvångsvaccinering är därför ett brott mot de mänskliga...

  • Anonymous (Sweden)
    1 January 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Sweden)

    You can not force mandatory vaccines on people it's against human rights and violates their freedom of health choice. And vaccines are not safe and they never will be safe. And as long as the vaccine companies have immunity there never going to be safe vaccines. No one should be forced to inject human cells and animal cells in the body. And toxins like formaldehyde and aluminium or timersal.

  • Costin-Mihnea Hilohi (Romania)
    1 January 2018 EU citizen
    Costin-Mihnea Hilohi (Romania)

    I'm totally against vaccines from the next reasons: 1) there is a scientific controversy about this procedure; 2) there is a whole lack of honest information/public debate about the procedure; 3) it seems that all the so-called scientific proofs "pro-causa" come from private sources with huge business interests in the field (Big Pharma); 4) any law in the matter should regard the technological (safety products) and some marketing aspects, but...

  • None (Romania)
    1 January 2018 Other
    None (Romania)

    If vaccines are "unavoidable unsafe", as said in US Congress, it think it is just coomon sense to test the all children to find out who have the high risk of developing side effects after vaccinnations. Until we cannot test all the childern and provide safe vaccines for them, there cannot be any cooperation (parents cannot accept whatever vaccin is available on market). The research concerning preventable diseases should concentrate on why the...

  • National Health Federation Sweden (Sweden)
    1 January 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    National Health Federation Sweden (Sweden)

    NHF Sweden is sending you its feedback on the "Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases" in the attached file. We also would like to have feedback from you on our attached document. We are demanding: • that studies on vaccines are carried through by independent researchers who are not associated with the pharmaceutical industry • that health studies are conducted on vaccinated groups compared to completely unvaccinated...

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