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Review of the Directive on the re-use of public sector information (Directive 2013/37/EU)

Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
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18 September 2017 - 16 October 2017
Feedback status: Closed

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  • Anonym (Spain)
    16 Octubre 2017 Business association
    Anonym (Spain)

    Mediante el presente documento ASEDIE, Asociación Multisectorial de la Información, quiere trasladar comentarios y/o aportaciones en relación al impacto relativo a la revisión de la directiva de Reutilización de la Información del Sector Público (‘’Combined evaluation roadmap/inception impact assessment’’ ) en lo que pudiera afectar directamente al Sector Infomediario, integrado por aquellas empresas que recopilan, analizan y tratan...

  • UTP - Union des Transports Publics et ferroviaires (France)
    16 October 2017 Company/business organisation
    UTP - Union des Transports Publics et ferroviaires (France)

    UTP (Union des Transports Publics et ferroviaires) is the professional association of France’s urban transport and rail transport undertakings (passengers and freight) and railway infrastructure managers. UTP represents over 170 urban transport undertakings all over France. While it welcomes the Commission’s review of the current PSI Directive, UTP questions the Commission's wish to extend the PSI directive to transport data. UTP reminds the...

  • Anonym (Lithuania)
    16 October 2017 Other
    Anonym (Lithuania)

    Statistics Lithuania supports the Impact Assessment of Directive, especially the option b) concerning the allow for the re-use of data held by private entities entrusted with fulfilling public sector tasks on the basis of concession (delegation) of public service contracts.

  • Anonym (Denmark)
    16 October 2017 Public authority
    Anonym (Denmark)

    Statistics Denmark welcomes the use and re-use of public sector information and are aware of the huge potential for a.o. SME’s in this context. Statistics Denmark is active in contributing to solutions that can enhance the use of public sector information. However, it is important that additional costs connected to the production, distribution and dissemination of these data are covered by the users in order to avoid subsidization of public...

  • Pearle* - Live Performance Europe (Belgium)
    16 October 2017 Other
    Pearle* - Live Performance Europe (Belgium)

    This paper gives feedback on the initiative of the European Commission to review Directive 2003/98/EU on the re-use of public sector information. Pearle* members which represents the interests of both public and private entities in the European live performance sector, welcome the opportunity to give their input and address issues of concern related to the Commission action. Pearle* has followed regulatory initiatives on the re-use of public...

  • Anonym (Spain)
    13 Octubre 2017 Company/business organisation
    Anonym (Spain)

    Este documento es un análisis muy completo y certero sobre la situación de la reutilización de la información del sector público en Europa. Creemos que analiza perfectamente las claves de las barreras que existen actualmente para reutilizar información del sector público y estamos de acuerdo en que es necesario dar un nuevo impulso para avanzar y mejorar la reutilización. No obstante, hay algunos aspectos del mismo que nos preocupan y sobre...

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