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  • Detailhandel Nederland (Netherlands)
    22 August 2017 Business association
    Detailhandel Nederland (Netherlands)

    Feedback of Detailhandel Nederland (Dutch retail Association) • The starting point in any value chain should be the consumer and its interests. There can be no exemption in the case of food supply chain. It is therefore regrettable that the interests of consumers are missing from the European Commission’s analysis and are not taken into account in the proposed solutions. • As retailers, we consider farmers as an important and indispensable...

  • COOP DE FRANCE (France)
    21 août 2017 Business association
    COOP DE FRANCE (France)

    Vous trouverez ci-joint, l'avis de COOP DE FRANCE sur l' « analyse d’impact initiale » concernant l'initiative visant à améliorer le fonctionnement de la chaîne alimentaire de la Commission Européenne. Dans ce dernier, nous apportons nos éléments d’analyse sur les points proposés par la Commission : pratiques commerciales déloyales, transparence des marchés et les accords pour un meilleur partage de la valeur. Nous complétons cette analyse...

  • AIM - European Brands Association (Belgium)
    21 August 2017 Business association
    AIM - European Brands Association (Belgium)

    Please find attached the AIM comments in PDF.

  • Bundesverband der Agrargewerblichen Wirtschaft e. V. (Germany)
    21 August 2017 Business association
    Bundesverband der Agrargewerblichen Wirtschaft e. V. (Germany)

    The Federal Association of Agricultural Trade welcomes the possibility to comment on the "Initiative to improve the Food Supply Chain". Please find our detailed opinion in the attached document.

  • Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (Ireland)
    21 August 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (Ireland)

    A properly functioning food supply chain in the EU is central to ensuring that EU farmers receive a fair share of the final consumer price and an income comparable with other sectors. Farmers have consistently lost out – in particular due to the concentration of market power upstream and downstream and an unequal bargaining position among the various parties along the food supply chain. With the continuing growth and concentration of firms...

  • European Dairy Association (Belgium)
    21 August 2017 Business association
    European Dairy Association (Belgium)

    The dairy sector, the milk farmers and their milk processing dairies, are in a unique and specific situation. The specificities of the dairy sector at milk supply level have proven to be essential for the dairy sector and must be respected when considering setting up new horizontal rules. Unfair trade practices (UTPs) The partnership between dairy farmers and their milk processing dairies is either anchored in the statues of the farmer owned...

  • Anonymous (Belgium)
    21 August 2017 Business association
    Anonymous (Belgium)

    •UTPs With regards to UTPs, the option 3 is the best option considered to tackle UTPs. It is crucial to tackle the issue of UTPs with a legislative framework at EU level; this is particularly important in highly concentrated sectors. Moreover, the inception assessment states that “The perishability of products could be one criterion to take into account.” However, there are some perishable products which are not listed in Annex I of TFEU. For...

  • LTO NEDERLAND (Netherlands)
    21 August 2017 Business association
    LTO NEDERLAND (Netherlands)

    Dutch farmers' organisation LTO NEDERLAND wishes to contribute to the EU inception consultation on the food chain. Our contribution is attached. In short, LTO NEDERLAND emphasizes the importance of farmers' co-operatives to improve the position of farmers in the value chain and sustainability and innovation in general. Tackling UTPs is important, but this will not be enough to improve the farmers' income. This is based on our experience with...

  • National Farmers Union (England and Wales) (United Kingdom)
    21 August 2017 Other
    National Farmers Union (England and Wales) (United Kingdom)

    The NFU have evidence to show that unfair trading practices occur across all agricultural sectors, to their detriment. The key reoccurring themes that we have previously identified are: • The power imbalance within the supply chain: that of the intermediaries versus farming businesses • A lack of consumer choice, driven by the potential risk and costs passed down the supply chain to the farmer, limiting ability for farming businesses...

  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)
    21 August 2017 Public authority
    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

    Significant imbalances in bargaining power exist among the partners in the food supply chain. Such imbalances stimulate certain activities on the part of the stronger party within the business relationship. The problem of UTP’s has been noticed by all stakeholders involved in the food supply chain and particularly by suppliers. Various surveys show that UTPs occur relatively frequently. However, the scope of the UTP’s occurrence differs among...