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Proposal for a Regulation revising ENISA Regulation (No 526/2013) and laying down a European ICT security certification and labelling framework

Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
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7 July 2017 - 4 August 2017
Feedback status: Closed

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Recent feedback

  • Microsoft (Belgium)
    4 August 2017 Company/business organisation
    Microsoft (Belgium)

    Please find attached a copy of the response from Microsoft as regards the review of ENISA Regulation and laying down a EU ICT security certification and labelling. I have also submitted this as file attached to an email address to Mr Domenico Ferrara and CNECT-H1@ec.europa.eu

  • BSA | The Software Alliance (United States)
    4 August 2017 Business association
    BSA | The Software Alliance (United States)

    BSA | The Software Alliance (BSA), the leading advocate for the global software industry, welcomes the opportunity to comment on the European Commission’s inception impact assessment on the ‘Proposal for a Regulation revising the ENISA Regulation (No 526/2013) and laying down a European ICT security certification and labelling framework.’ BSA commends the Commission for the steps it has taken to strengthen the EU’s cyber resilience and shares...

  • MEDIAPRO (Spain)
    4 August 2017 Company/business organisation
    MEDIAPRO (Spain)

    MEDIAPRO Group is the leading contents and services supplier to the audiovisual sector. The company produces and distributes audiovisual content in almost any format and with any technology, for any audiovisual support. From live sports to feature film and broadcast, our contents need to match the needs of consumers in several countries of the world. About the “preliminary policy options - ENISA”, we believe that ENISA has to be aimed at being...

  • OFE Limited (United Kingdom)
    4 August 2017 Business association
    OFE Limited (United Kingdom)

    Security is a core priority for the Information Communication Technology (‘ICT’) sector, in order to prevent abuse, cyber crime, and attacks on critical infrastructure, to protect personal information, and thereby to mitigate related socio-economic cost. The ICT sector has a vested interest in supporting these aims in terms of bolstering trust, which translates into high levels of market acceptance and increased uptake of innovation. Moreover,...

  • VDMA (Germany)
    3 August 2017 Business association
    VDMA (Germany)

    VDMA represents around 3,200 companies in the engineering industry, mostly SMEs. As suppliers of intelligent production systems, our companies consider Cybersecurity an essential enabler of a connected industry. We firmly believe that a security framework must be part of the EU-Single Market. If legislative action is needed, the appropriate option is a cross-sectoral approach within the New Legislative Framework. Therefore, we recommend to...

  • Confederation of Danish Enterprise (Denmark)
    3 August 2017 Business association
    Confederation of Danish Enterprise (Denmark)

    The Confederation of Danish Enterprise would like to thank the Commission for the opportunity to provide feedback to the IIA on ENISA and ICT certification and labelling. Cybersecurity is an issue of vital importance in our increasingly digitalized economy and society. We therefore welcome the Commissions focus on the topic, and would like to express our support to option 2 in the IIA with regards to ENISA. The agency needs to be enhanced to...

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