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Communication on latest developments in relation to the euro coins

Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
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20 June 2017 - 18 July 2017
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  • Cummins Allison Corp. (United States)
    18 July 2017 Company/business organisation

    Cummins Allison Corp. (United States)

    Cummins Allison Corp. Comments on the Euro Coin Roadmap We support continued consultation with all the industry stakeholders when considering changes to the set of Euro coins in circulation and changes to the specification of individual coins in the Euro coin set. Cummins Allison is designing and manufacturing machines to count, denominate and authenticate Euro coins. We will limit our comments to technical and logistic issues related to...

  • ESTA (Belgium)
    18 July 2017 Business association

    ESTA (Belgium)

    ESTA is pleased to have this opportunity to respond to the Commission roadmap on euro coins of 19 June 2017. This response follows ESTA’s response to the Commission questionnaire of July 2014 on 1 and 2 €c coins. ESTA understands that no decision has yet been adopted on the four scenarios presented in the Commission communication of 2013, although some Member States have discontinued the use of 1 and 2 €c coins in their jurisdiction. The main...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    17 Juli 2017 Company/business organisation

    Anonymous (Germany)

    Mein Feedback erfolgt im Auftrag der BDGW (Bundesvereinigung deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste). Als Verband der deutschen Geld- und Wertdienstleistungsunternehmen lehnen wir jede Veränderung an den bestehenden Denominationen der Euromünzen und Euronoten ab. Bereits bei der Einstellung der Produktion der 500-Euronote haben wir unsere Bedenken hierzu kundgetan. Dies erfolgte im Wesentlichen über die ESTA, dem europäischen Verband der...

  • ATM Industry Association (United Kingdom)
    17 July 2017 Business association

    ATM Industry Association (United Kingdom)

    The cost of 1 and 2 cent coins should not be looked at in isolation. Coins have a vital role to play, firstly, as a means of making a cash payment, either on their own or in conjunction with banknotes and, secondly, as residual change, when a payment proffered is in excess of the amount required to carry out a transaction. The importance of coins can be demonstrated by the situation which is occurring in Norway and Denmark. In both these...

  • Maria Leonor MACHADO BRANCO (Portugal)
    17 July 2017 EU citizen

    Maria Leonor MACHADO BRANCO (Portugal)

    The most important is to have the same result in all the countries. At the end, if the issuance of 1 and 2 cents will be discontinued, it is crucial that the way of rounding became the same everywhere, i.e., the same rules applying to all States. The same to all initiatives. We should have a level playing field - the same rules everywhere. We have been discussing this subject at the Cash Efficiency Working Group of the European Payments...

  • CPI, European Vending Association Coin-Group (Germany)
    17 July 2017 Company/business organisation

    CPI, European Vending Association Coin-Group (Germany)

    Comment from the EVA Coin-Group & CPI a payment system producer: This feedback is a statement from the EVA (European Vending Association) Coin-Group coordinated by CPI, a payment system producer and group members like Scan Coin, Cummins Allison, Glory Global Solutions, CTcoin, NGZ and Astrosystems. In view of the short response time of 4 weeks inside the vacation period not all coin group members were able to review the roadmap. However, I...

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