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Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on a new agenda for the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems: knowledge, innovation and growth.

Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
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28 February 2017 - 28 March 2017
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  • Anonymous (Portugal)
    28 March 2017 Academic/research institution
    Anonymous (Portugal)

    My personal view is that the main hurdle, what stands in the way of the modernisation of higher education, are the people involved. This may seem like a comical truism, but might just be the big elephant in the room. The sad part is that everyone sees it. People, namely higher education teachers, seem to be unwilling to understand that the main focus of achievement has to be on the students and on the alignment with Society, on several fronts,...

  • FA (Denmark)
    28 March 2017 Business association
    FA (Denmark)

    See attached file.

  • EASPD (Belgium)
    28 March 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    EASPD (Belgium)

    Our modern societies are characterised by their diversity and complexity, and we must actively work towards social inclusion to face the future challenges . As highlighted in the Roadmap for this initiative, “Higher education could do more to tackle social divisions”. Aside from its role in innovation and high-skills, higher education has an important role as a model of what individuals can achieve. As such it must make sure everyone has an...

  • Anonymous (Portugal)
    19 March 2017 Academic/research institution
    Anonymous (Portugal)

    Europe's higher education systems could effectively do more to contribute to EU's economic development and social cohesion. University three major roles – Education, Research and Cooperation with Society – are very often separated from one another. Teachers focused in Research tend to see their only goal in Research Excellence. How can Research contribute for a better Education, for delivering better classroom experiences? And the same is true...

  • Anonymous (Portugal)
    17 March 2017 Other
    Anonymous (Portugal)

    The modernisation of higher education is a real need and certainty towards Society. Aligned with the "urgent need to invest in Europe's youth" and a real and effective "EU action in favour of young people", higher education institutions must capitalize the potential of the students, the most important resource we have among our knowledge academies. The key-element to pursuit it, with the efficiency and excellence required, is through higher...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    9 March 2017 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Germany)

    I don't agree with "Too few graduates are leaving higher education with skills in fields where there is high demand (like computing, where there are significant skills shortages)" : Unemployment rates for people with skills in computing are not exactly remarkably low. nd if induytry wants people with such skills: how about training them on the job? Yes, there is not enough funding for HE. Get people (and people from backgrounds not...

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