Innovation and Networks Executive Agency


Find below a list of the latest news items related to the INEA and the programs it manages. Consult the Events section for Agency-related happenings.


11 January 2017
Save the date - CEF Transport Blending call Info Day - 27 February 2017
The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) will organise a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Blending Info Day on Monday 27 February 2017 in Brussels
05 January 2017
Over €448 million requested for Horizon 2020 energy projects
Results of the evaluation of 84 submitted proposals will be known at the latest by 4 June 2017.
19 December 2016
Save the date: conference on Connected and Automated Driving
The high-level conference will be held in Brussels on 3-4 April 2017. Registration will open at the end of January 2017
15 December 2016
Almost €39 million requested for CEF Telecom projects
52 project proposals have been received in the areas of Automated Translation, Cyber Security, eInvoicing and Europeana
14 December 2016
Horizon 2020 ITS projects meet at INEA
18 transport research projects working on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Connected Vehicles are meeting at INEA today to discuss cooperation opportunities in the areas of common interest
13 December 2016
Almost €42 million requested for CEF Synergy projects
INEA has received 14 proposals for the 2016 CEF Synergy Call
12 December 2016
EU reinforces commitment to connected and cooperative mobility
Digital technology that lets vehicles "talk" to each other and to the infrastructure (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, C-ITS) is key in moving towards a smart road transport sector.
09 December 2016
INEA is looking for a Planning & Programming Manager
Apply for the post of a contract agent (function group IV) by 23 December
02 December 2016
Over €135 million awarded to Horizon 2020 energy projects
INEA signed grant agreements with 14 Smart Cities and Communities and Smart Grids and Storage projects.
30 November 2016
200 proposals submitted for Horizon 2020 energy funding
They will be now evaluated in a two-stage selection process. The results of the first round will be known the latest by 21 March 2017.
28 November 2016
Evaluating the Connecting Europe Facility – Commission launches open consultation
The European Commission has launched a public consultation as part of its mid-term evaluation of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
18 November 2016
Key joint EU – Mexico geothermal research project kicks off
The €20 million GEMex project brings together European and Mexican researchers to explore new sources of geothermal energy. The research cooperation will run for three years under the supervision of INEA
15 November 2016
Electric road mobility project signed in INEA today
Today a key project fostering electric road mobility officially kicked off with a signing ceremony held in Brussels at the premises of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).
10 November 2016
Key Bulgarian rail transport project signed in INEA today
Bulgarian Minister for Transport in INEA to sign grant agreement
08 November 2016
Nearly €732 million requested for CEF Energy projects
INEA has received 23 proposals for 2016 CEF Energy Call 2